Ford CMAX energi

Ford C-MAX Energi Hybrid Vehicle

Disclosure: We were loaned the Ford C-MAX Energi for 7 days in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

Have you driven a hybrid-only vehicle? I can honestly say that I had not… until this past week.

We were able to get a Ford C-MAX Energi for the week and it was truly a hard one to have to give back.

Ford CMAX energi

Ford C-MAX Energi

When we attended the Ford Power of Choice event recently, I told Colby when we left that the Ford C-MAX Energi was my favorite.

I simply loved everything about the hybrid vehicle in the short amount of time we spent inside of it.

Therefore, being able to drive it for a full week, I was able to fall in love even more. It is truly an incredible vehicle.

Fuel Economy

The best feature of the C-MAX Energi is its fuel economy. This was, by far, the biggest selling point on our initial decision on picking the C-MAX to drive.

We wanted to really test out the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. And I must say, it truly stood up to the test.

Here are the fuel economy points on the C-MAX Energi:

  • 108 MPGe City (equivalent)
  • 92 MPGe highway rating
  • Total range: 620 miles
  • Regenerative braking
  • SmartGuage gives real-time information and helps you maximize efficiency
CMAX charger

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking was perhaps the most interesting concept to me.

What is regenerative braking you ask?

Great question! In a regenerative braking system, the electricity generated by the motor through kinetic energy when you brake is fed back into the car’s batteries.

It can then subsequently be used to accelerate the car again after it stops. So, stepping on the brake can help recharge the battery of the car.

We quickly learned that driving the C-MAX Energi made you a smarter driver.

We adapted to driving in ways that made both our electrical charge and fuel use go further.

Not driving with a lead foot was an important factor, as well as gaining speed gradually rather than quickly.

Things you know to do, but do not take notice of until you have Efficiency Leaves flying away right in front of your face.

CMAX energi Efficiency Leaves

Safety Features

As always, I must check into the safety features of the C-MAX Energi. After all, I still had three girls around to test out the view from the back seat each day.

  • Seven airbags (Dual-Stage Front, Front-seat side-impact, Driver’s Knee, Safety Canopy® side-curtains)
  • AdvanceTrac® with (RSC®) Roll Stability Control™ (automatically slows the vehicle when it is cornering too fast)
  • Rearview camera system
  • BLIS (blind spot information system) with cross-traffic alert
  • Personal Safety System™ (Smart Occupant Sensing, front seat shoulder belt pre-tensioners, front shoulder belt upper adjustable anchors, and a center rear-seat shoulder belt)
  • All-Speed Traction Control
  •  SOS Post-Crash Alert System™ (activates the horn and emergency flashers in the event of airbag deployment)

For me, all of this on time of knowing my girls are tethered into the back seat give me a better sense of peace as I tote them around town.



Because I am a technology, gadget-crazy person, I like to step inside the vehicle and start pushing buttons.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that the ambient lighting in the C-MAX could be changed!

Yes, it did feel like a bit of a party when we first discovered this feature. But it was fun changing the lights each night as drove the vehicle.

And there are 7 different colors — so one for each night of the week!

CMAX energi ambient rainbow

But that was not the best technology feature in the car. Actually, it would be hard to choose just one.

So, another great feature is the Hands-free liftgate. A quick wave of your foot under the rear bumper and the liftgate will open for you.

And then either wave your foot or again, or push the button the liftgate, and it will just as easily return to the closed position.

CMAX liftgate

2 other fantastic technology features include:

  • Active park assist (car finds a parallel parking space and can park itself)
  • SYNC with MyFord Touch

The Ford C-MAX Energi was a fabulous vehicle to drive. It handled well, rode smoothly, and out performed our expectations.

A whole week of running from one side of town to the next, and we still returned it with a little over ¼ tank of gas.

Not bad considering the amount of running around we did. We seriously put the fuel economy to the test and were quite pleased with how it worked.