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Folr Does your family live a pretty active lifestyle? Bouncing around from one place to the next? Have an elderly parent that you often worry about their whereabouts? Flor is a family locator app that can help you keep watch over your family.

Family Locator

Have you seen those “Silver Alerts” on TV? The ones that report lost/missing elderly? That is my biggest fear with my dad. Age has caused his mind to slip here and there and I wonder if we will ever see his picture on the news as reported missing. A family locator app such as Flor is exactly what we need for him. It gives real-time tracking information in addition to peace of mind. Plus, both parties give permission for the app to track so no sneaky tracking allowed.

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Getting my dad to understand the need for the app was another thing. Being of an older, non-tech generation it sounded a bit intrusive to him. I assured him we were both safe due to the fact that you have to grant others permission to track you. Plus, he could easily set the days and times he wanted to be tracked and still roam free. The privacy settings were customizable enough to make him feel comfortable so he agreed.

Folr map Screenshot

He works all over Dallas depending on where his job takes him. Not to mention, he and my mom like to take road trips and other adventures. Therefore, Flor gave my sister and I the relief we needed in just knowing where they were. And I am sure the feeling is reciprocated for them considering how much I travel. My dad is always checking on me and now he can simply ping my phone and know where I am. It’s really a win-win for both of us.

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Speaking of parenting, don’t think I will not be using Flor on my kids as well. Our oldest daughter does not live with us and isn’t the best about answering her phone. With Flor, I can at least track her down to know if she is at work, school, home or elsewhere. She downloaded the app with less hesitation as my dad, but did want to maintain a bit more control over her tracking times. Although, knowing my daughter, she is typically in bed by 10pm every night due to early work hours. By the way, she has yet to change any tracking settings as far as times restrictions… so I can follow her around all day if I want. Ha!

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I know there are times when Colby and I travel that we may be out of pocket for a while. Flor will give our kids the ability to quickly locate us and at least have the satisfaction of knowing where we are. Sometimes, that is enough. Flor makes it easy and doesn’t require anything more than a simple download.

You can download the free app on either Folr iTunes or Google Play Store.