Finding Sunshine in the Journey of Parenthood

Over the past few years, Colby and I have taken the kids all over the United States. In fact, with the younger three girls, we have traveled through most of the contiguous U.S.

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And yet, among all those travels, it seems some of the most captivating childhood moments were captured right here at home.

Finding Sunshine in the Journey of Parenthood

Journey of Parenthood

Of course, that isn’t to say the travels we’ve shared have not been incredible. The kids have seen our nation’s history come alive in museums, memorials, and reenactments across the country.

We have laughed, cried, and stood amazed at the moments we have collected. We often look back and reminisce over the memories. It’s an amazing journey — this thing called parenthood!

Finding Sunshine in the Journey of Parenthood

Even with an ambiance of gloom and darkness that can be found on rainy days at home, there is still sunshine found in the journey of parenthood.

With rain pouring down outside the windows, we discover great happiness in the simple joys… inside.

A blanket fort, colorful books, and Goldfish crackers are one way to pass the time and enjoy the showers.

rainy day fort fun

Once you find the time to engage in playtime and really listen to what your children have to share, you can truly connect with your child.

The girls and I love the quality time together and they savor every moment of the time we get.

spirit of childhood with Goldfish crackers

On the next rainy day, grab some pillows and blankets, make a fort, and climb inside with your favorite books, toys, and Goldfish crackers.

Invite the kids in and find ways to share and learn from each other. You will all be better at it.

spirit of childhood

Plus, don’t forget to play! Let down your hair and fully immerse yourself in your child’s world.

After all, they will only be little for so long, therefore today is the perfect day to celebrate their youth — rain or shine!

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