Fighting Cancer with the Susan G Komen 3 Day

We are all passionate about something, right? There is a cause that we hold near and dear to our hearts. I have a few causes that I am passionate about and try to help whenever I possibly can. One of those passions is fighting cancer.

Fighting Cancer

Having my life touched over and over again by cancer, I, like millions of others, would love to see a cure. Not for just one particular type… all of them. Frankly, I hate cancer. I have seen it at its ugliest. I have walked through it personally with my grandmother, my aunt, and my own mom.

My mom’s journey was my most emotional. Attending every doctor visit. Taking 5 hour road trips to Houston to see a specialist. Administering her overnight chemo treatments. Shaving her hair off when it was too thin to keep. Helping her as she was sick from treatments. Praying like crazy that she would beat the staph infection that almost beat her. And taking a tone I never had to before to tell her that we were not quitting. We were going to beat this thing. AND WE DID.

Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Others are not as fortunate. I know this all too well. I watched my close friends fight with all they had for their 5 year old son, Caleb, after he was diagnosed with DIPG. They knew his chances for survival were slim… but they fought it every day. He lost his battle but fought it like a mighty warrior. No child should have to fight that fight. No human being should have to fight that fight.

Therefore, when I was asked to join a team for the Susan G Komen 3-Day®, a three day, 60-mile walk across the Dallas/Fort Worth area this November,  I did not hesitate in saying, “Yes!” I was overjoyed and honored to be asked. I knew the exact two women who I could walk for. Both battled and won against breast cancer and have been in remission for a handful of years now. They are both amazing women and I am excited to represent them both.

Plus, my mom’s cancer may not have been breast cancer… but I will walk in her honor.

Caleb’s battle was not with breast cancer… but I will walk in his memory.

3 days. 60 miles. I am ready!

Susan G. Komen

Will you walk with me in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day? Will you take the 60 mile challenge for a loved one? Who will you walk for? Your mom? Sister? Yourself?

Are you ready to join in and walk with me? The Susan G Komen 3-Day is coming to 14 cities across the United States throughout the year. I have a free registration code I can give away to one of you to join the walk. With May being National Recommitment Month as well as Mother’s Day next weekend, why not take the pledge today to make a difference?

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