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Chances are you have been touched somehow, someway by cancer. We all have. It is everywhere. A constant in the world we live in unfortunately. But, together, we can all make some noise to finish the fight against cancer.

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is asking us to help them finish the fight against cancer. Knowing that thousands of cancer patients cannot afford a place to stay when the best treatment is far from home, the ACS wants to change that.

Just last year alone, the American Cancer Society provided 50,000 patients and caregivers with lodging during their treatments.

A simple text can mean a world of difference in the life of a cancer patient and their family.

Personally, I know that when my mom was going through her treatments, we had to travel from Dallas to Houston a couple of times to see her specialist.

He was one of the world-renowned doctors for my mom’s particular cancer, so there was no question that we had to go.

This doctor would ultimately save my mom’s life. But, on top of mounting medical bills, it was a sacrifice we made financially. Learning about how we can now help others in the same situation is incredible.

Text “Room” to 41515 to donate $10 to the American Cancer Society

Just one text. After all, a room should not be the difference between life and death.

Will you make noise to finish the fight against cancer?

The American Cancer Society has grown to become the world’s leader in the fight to end the disease.

The ACS continues to work to ensure that lifesaving cancer research gets funded and people facing cancer get the help they need.

They need our help in not keeping silent. Make some noise in 2014!