Why You Need To Be Feeding Your Family More Fresh Fish

Yes, feeding fish to your kids is not always easy. Yet, it is very important to add fresh fish to your diet and theirs.

People can be intimidated by cooking fish which is another reason that not many people eat enough fresh fish.

Though, it is easier to cook than you think and cooks quickly for a fast weeknight meal. 

If you think that you don’t like fish, or that your kids won’t, don’t worry there is a recipe for every type of fish that is sure to be a hit and convince you that you do actually like fish.

Also, if you catch your own fish, then not only does it not get fresher but it also is more likely to be eaten by your family. 

So, get your tackle box filled with fishing tackle and hit the water, or just go to your local supermarket fish section and chat up the fishmonger there.

Feed Your Family More Fresh Fish

Find some good recipes that sound interesting and get fish back on your menu.

Why You Need To Be Feeding Your Family More Fresh Fish

In this article, I will go over several of the health benefits that you’ll get from eating more fish. 

It’s versatile

One of the biggest barriers to a well-balanced diet is the fact that we keep eating the same foods over and over. It’s understandable when you have a family, work, and other responsibilities that take time out of your day.

It’s just easier to go with the old standbys that you can whip up quickly and with little effort.

When you add new items to your menu, it is a challenge, but it also diversifies your diet.

In addition to the various vitamins and minerals in seafood, you are getting more creative overall and thinking more about what you’re eating.

The possibilities are endless so put on your chef’s hat and try different seafood such as crabs, lobster, shrimp, oysters, and more!

Then, a more diverse diet becomes the norm and you aren’t just consuming the same vitamins and minerals all the time.

A diverse menu is essential to good health, especially for growing bodies.

Brain food

People have been hearing forever how fish is brain food. Now there have been studies done that have shown it to actually be true.

Fish is great for any brain, but especially in children whose brains are constantly developing. 

Even adults can benefit from eating more fish as it has been shown that adults with a diet rich in fish have less chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

One interesting part of the study showed that eating fish oil supplements did not have any effect at all. In other words, you have to actually eat fish to get the benefits from it.

The key is the high levels of omega-3 fat that allows for better communication between the brain’s cells.

The effects of this in children who eat more fish are that they tend to have better social skills, increased fine motor skills, and better verbal intelligence.

It also depends on the type of fish, and unfortunately, the more oily and strong the fish, the higher the concentration of omega-3.

So, sardines, mackerel, and bluefish are all excellent sources but are also harder to get kids to eat.

Unless you use the right recipe and cooking style that is.

It’s delicious

You may think that you don’t like seafood, but chances are you just didn’t have the right kind of prepared the right way.

Fresh sardines, for instance, are not even close to the taste of the canned variety.

If you can get fresh or frozen sardines, you can dredge the sardine filets in flour and fry them up.

Serve with a squeeze of lemon, and they will go down as an absolute treat, even with the kids. Consider some expert tips if you need to know how to thaw frozen fish properly.

Shellfish is also very good for you and packs tons of umami flavors. Mussels steamed with white wine and gals are delicious and served with some crusty bread.

Clams are wonderful cooked with some garlic, parsley, and tomatoes and tossed with linguine. 

Salmon baked with a mustard bread crumb topping is as easy to prepare as it is delicious. Even picky kids will love the crunch of the crust and the richness of the fish. 

Not everything is going to be a hit, so make sure to experiment and settle on the types of preparations that you think would be tasty.

You’ll be surprised how many dishes based on fish will end up being part of the regular rotation.