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National Book Month

I love to read. I always have. As a child you rarely ever caught me without a book. I read every book I could get my hands on. We had a hall closet near my parents room and the bottom was filled with 2 shelves worth of books I had read… and would re-read when I ran out of new ones.

The fascination with books began early and I was reading before I entered kindergarten. Sometimes I believe my love for reading was innate considering neither of my parents read a lot. Well, my dad does nowadays, but not so much when I was growing up. Yet, my mom still took the time to teach me to read before I started school and my love flourished.

Therefore, it is only natural that I would do what I could to instill that love for reading in my children. My teens read when they find a novel or series that really interests them. Actually, it is typically a series of books at a time, but at least they are passionate about it and, well, are reading! My 6 year Princess is what I call a “closet reader.” She knows how to read, likes it, but does not let anyone else know about it. Yet, she is still one of the top 2 readers in her class. JJ, my 8 year old, is my mini-me when it comes to reading. She always has her nose in a book and cannot get enough knowledge. And, last but not least, my toddler, Monkey LOVES books. She enjoys looking at the pictures, touching the pages, and pretending to read through them. Knowing they each have a fascination with books delights me to no end.


October is National Book Month and helped me pose this week’s “Mom Moments” question to my blogger friends:

What is Your Favorite Book to Read to Your Child?

And the Most Popular Books:
Do you read any of these with your children? Do you have another favorite not listed here? I would love to hear more… we are always looking to build our library!