Storm Troopers at NASA

Plan a Family Trip to Houston : CityPass

Are you looking to do a little family travel to Houston soon? If yes, have you looked into the CityPass?

It is an excellent way to get the most out of your stay at an affordable price. One ticket booklet saves you 47% on admission to the 5 best attractions in Houston.

Houston CityPass

Houston CityPass

When planning a trip to Houston with your family, you may note some of the great attractions you want to visit.

Once you start adding up admission prices, you may be glad you happened upon the Houston CityPass. In general, you can save around $44 per adult and $31 per child.

For a family, really of any size, that is a fabulous saving! It leaves more money for souvenirs, right?!

Children's Museum weight

Not to mention, the attractions are some of the best in Houston. For instance, The Children’s Museum of Houston has been named “America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum” by Parents magazine.

There was so much to do at the museum that we could have spent an entire day there. It was amazing!

Houston Children's Museum

One of the first things the girls noticed was an eclectic collection of old telephones. Payphones even.

Crazy to believe that these are things they are not used to seeing, so they were fascinated. And this was only the beginning.

children's museum tornado

We discovered things we had no idea were true. Plus, the girls simply enjoyed the learning experience.

We learned about cultural traditions, environmental issues, water properties and even the process of life for hatching chicks.

museum hatching chicks

As we went through the museum, we happened upon fascinating science experiments and more around every turn.

Not only did they learn about tornadoes, pulleys, and phones, but they were able to have a little imaginative play as well.

children's museum newsdesk

There was no doubt that being able to make money, buy their own groceries, work as a vet, and deliver boxes all over the US was the best part for the girls overall.

Although, I have a feeling the news desk was right up the alley of a certain 10 year old. I know I enjoyed “directing and producing” the newscast for them. 

Kidtropolis, USA was definitely our favorite stops on the map within the Houston Children’s Museum.

3-D twister

But, guess what? The Houston Children’s Museum was just the start of our day. We also made a quick stop at the Houston Zoo.

giraffes at Houston Zoo feeding

And then we made sure to head to Space Center Houston the next day before heading home.

The cool part? It was May the 4th! You know, May the 4th be with you! We could not have timed it better really.

Storm Troopers at NASA

Colby and I had not been to the NASA Johnson Space Center in about 11 years, so it was nice to go back. Plus, it was the girls’ first time going and they had a great time.

NASA spaceship tour

As we explored the inside of the Space Center, we found a way to get a closer look into one of the old spaceships. The girls thought this was the coolest thing! I also remember two other small kids getting crazy excited over that years prior.

You have to appreciate the love the kids have for the place… and the memories being there evoked.

NASA robots

Of course, we couldn’t leave without taking the NASA Tram Tour. We remembered it being one of the most fascinating parts of our earlier trip, so wanted the girls were able to experience it as well.

I am glad we did. They had a great time learning about the different rockets, missions, astronauts, and so much more.

For Colby and I, it was interesting watching them learn and discover, while Colby and I listened so we could take it all in.

NASA rocket

Fortunately for the girls, the trip to the space center was not all about learning. We did have plenty of fun while we were as well.

I believe learning about weightlessness in the Angry Bird Play Center was one of the highlights of our day. Now, if someone could transport me to Mars that would be great!

Don’t forget, Houston CityPass gives you admission to the following attractions:

  1. Space Center Houston
  2. Downtown Aquarium
  3. Houston Museum of Natural Science
  4. Houston Zoo OR Kemah Boardwalk
  5. The Children’s Museum of Houston OR the Museum of Fine Arts

Which attractions would you use?