Fall Harvest Baby Shower

Colby looked at me Saturday morning as I worked quickly to design a chalkboard stencil for our oldest daughter’s baby shower (just 2 hours later) and said,

baby shower chalk board

“You know you’re really setting the standards high.”

I looked at him and smirked. Again, he said, “Are you going to be this ‘extra‘ with the other kids? You do so much for Cheyenne with all the ‘firsts‘ that all of the other kids are going to expect the same.”

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“I know.”

Fall Harvest Baby Shower theme

Having slept less than 20 hours in the 5 days leading up to the Fall Harvest Baby Shower, I was up three hours earlier than normal on Saturday trying to get everything completely finished. 

baby shower dirty cake and pendant topper

Having already made the wooden signs for Baby Riley’s room the night before, sewn the taggie blanket for her on Thursday night, iced and decorated the dirty cake that morning, and designed and printed all the baby shower games and favor labels, so this was a last-minute addition to my list. 

baby shower guest photo book

I had all these ideas for weeks, but travel and, well, life kept me from getting it all done. Okay, that and I’m a procrastinator. Sometimes I just work best under pressure. 

late night diapers baby shower activity

And, yes, when it comes to “doing” for my kids, I am usually all in. No, I don’t do the every day things for them (I haven’t washed a load of kids’ clothes in years), but I don’t mind giving them the world when it comes to special things like this. 

homemade lavender soap - from our shower to yours

Honestly, I love it. I will tell anyone who asks that I’m not very creative. Meaning, I can’t always come up with the ideas in my head. But, because I love to analyze things; I do enjoy coming up with my own version.

handmade wooden signs for nursery

With Cheyenne & Nic’s Baby Shower this weekend, I felt like it wasn’t just for them, it was for my first grandchild

fall baby shower food

And, yes, I think we’re setting a pretty high bar for each of the ones that follow her. But, in all honestly, unless Chey has another baby soon, Riley Mae is going to be the only one for several years. 

photobooth guest book

Her siblings are either too young or simply don’t have any plans for a baby anytime in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, for now, I will keep spoiling my kids in a healthy way, setting that bar high, and helping these crazy kids of ours live their best life

teepee for baby shower gifts

Sometimes, getting no sleep and working your fingers to the bones simply makes sense when it’s for the right purpose. And I can’t think of a better one than my kids.