Staci in Marvel Ant-Man helmet

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One thing that certainly defines a superhero is their costume. Think about it. You see one piece, rather it be a mask, shield or a belt even, and you know exactly which superhero it is. Ant-Man has his incredible helmet. No shield. No hammer. No problem.

Costume Designers Ivo Coveney & Sammy Sheldon

Ant-Man Helmet

While on the set of Marvel’s Ant-Man last November, we were able to not only tour the filming locations, but we walked through wardrobe as well. Okay, maybe more than walked through. We spent some quality time with Costume Designers Sammy Sheldon and Ivo Coveney. They were quite a wealth of information and such a pleasure to talk with.

Ant-Man Costume Designers Ivo Coveney & Sammy Sheldon

After talking with Sammy and Ivo, we had much more appreciation for their jobs in the Costume Department! Being surrounded by all of the Ant-Man costumes was an extreme honor.

Marvel Ant-Man helmet

While visiting, here are 10 fun facts about the Marvel’s Ant-Man helmet and costume we learned: 

  1. There is only 1 costume, but 13 suits different by their technical aspects.
  2. Overall, the costume department had 8 pairs of gloves, 17 helmets and 17 belts for Ant-Man.
  3. The helmets had 54 pieces and belts had over 50 pieces. These various elements help with the technical needs of filming. For instance, stunt belts are one piece based on needs of stunt. Look at script and decide how many Paul and both of his stunt doubles will need for shots.
  4. The costumers took 7 months to prepare designs for the film and had to stay under budget. Much of the original concept stayed in the development of the costume. Ivo took 3 weeks to develop the helmet.
  5. There were around 50 people on the costume team at its peak before honing down to 23 to costume entire cast.
  6. The costumes are created from concept art from the comic book (that also fits into Marvel world) using a 3D printer.
  7. Multi-layered fabric of the design was created based on an insect’s eyes.
  8. Almost every part of the superhero suit was made from scratch and are all fitted to person wearing them.
  9. When we arrived, it was the very first time that all of the costumes were in one spot together! The suits, belts, helmets and gloves had never been in one place at the same time prior to our set visit in November!

And for fact#10, prior to our visit, only 4 people (including Paul Rudd, himself) had ever worn the Ant-Man helmet. There was no way we were going to say no to that opportunity! As we were each having the helmet fitted onto our head by Ivo, other crew members would walk by in disbelief. Some even tried to jump in line as well.

Staci in Marvel Ant-Man helmet

It was quite extraordinary knowing we were part of an elite group. Not to mention, I am pretty sure we all made that helmet look fabulous! Well, okay, Paul Rudd probably still looks amazing, but we looked good too!

Staci in Marvel Ant-Man helmet

Yeah, apparently I have a small head. The helmet would not stay on my head. It kept falling down over my eyes. So, Ivo decided he would just hold it for the picture. Thanks, Ivo!


Be sure to see Marvel’s Ant-Man in theaters beginning July 19th and take note of all the hard work in those costumes you see!