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Expert-Recommended Mommy Well-Being Advice To Live Longer

Motherhood changes your life as priorities shift from yourself to your kids.

Endless chores, work deadlines, and childcare duties keep you busy. Self-care is often at the bottom of your to-do lists, but skimping on it is the last thing you should do.

You may encounter a lifestyle-generated health issue or a genetic condition only because you let it take hold.

However, you can ditch health challenges by taking a proactive approach despite your busy lifestyle.

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Never skip meals

Skipping meals is often a way of life for moms as they juggle endless tasks at work and home. You may grab a cookie for breakfast or skip it altogether amid the morning rush.

Lunch hours may stretch longer as you load up on coffee to keep going. You may even miss dinner after a late lunch. Imagine the havoc the schedule can cause to your body. Picking the wrong food is even worse.

Stick to regular mealtimes and eat a balanced diet to stay healthy and live longer.

Double up on exercise

Physical activity can prolong your lifespan in more than one way, so you have a good reason to fit exercise into your jam-packed schedule.

Regular workouts lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Further, you have fewer chances of colon cancer, breast cancer, depression, and falls. An active lifestyle improves bone density and sleep quality.

If you cannot enroll in a formal training program, sneak in activities by walking the dog, gardening, and pushing a stroller.

Stay ahead of preventive screenings

Besides being proactive about your well-being, commit to a preventive approach to stay a step ahead of the disease. Yearly screenings like PAP smear and 3D Mammography help with the early detection of cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Your healthcare provider may recommend other tests depending on your health status and family history. Preventive screenings lead to timely treatment of life-threatening conditions, so you must get them on time, no matter how busy you are.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Ditching unhealthy habits is another tried and tested way to extend your lifespan. You may want to drink caffeine to perk your energy levels, but switching to green tea is a better option.

Steer clear of smoking and alcohol to stay healthy and happy, and save your kids from the banes of passive smoking. Minimize the use of chemical cleaners and cosmetics, and opt for organic variants instead.

Avoid sleep deprivation as it can reduce your lifespan.

Purge stress for good

Surprisingly, stress can cut years from your life, so you must commit to steering clear of it. Mindful meditation gives you a good start with stress relief.

Embrace activities like decluttering, pursuing a hobby, taking a digital detox, and spending time with loved ones. Get over the perfectionist mindset because you cannot achieve everything, no matter how hard you try to become a supermom.

Adopting some simple practices is enough to reinforce your well-being, regardless of your tasks and timelines as a busy mom.

Try this checklist to live longer and be a happier person.