Equip Your Family Kitchen With These Items to Enjoy Delicious Meals

Everyone wants their kitchen to be fully equipped with essential kitchen tools.

However, most end up cluttering their countertops and cabinets with useless kitchen tools and gadgets. 

This article will share the best kitchen tools you can include in your kitchen to make perfect recipes.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Rubber Spatulas

This kitchen tool might seem insignificant, but rubber spatulas often come in handy.

Whether you want to pour freshly made mayonnaise without spilling it all over or mix the stew you are preparing for dinner, a spatula will surely help.

Spatulas work better than butter knives as they can evenly spread condiments and butter on bread without spillage.

When buying a spatula, pick the one containing a stainless steel core that makes the spatula sturdy even under high pressure.

Metal Colanders

From cleaning and washing your vegetables to draining water from boiled rice and pasta, colanders are an indispensable kitchen item that facilitates the speedy preparation of meals.

Not using a colander will not only make draining hot water difficult but can also result in burn injuries. If you are opting for metal colanders, consider buying stainless steel ones to avoid rust build-up.

Plastic colanders are also available if you want a lightweight alternative. However, when buying plastic colanders, ensure the plastic quality is safe to use in the kitchen.

Confirming this is crucial as substandard colanders use plastic that can release toxic chemicals when exposed to heat.

Make it a habit of checking the quality of each kitchen item to ensure you are making the most informed decision. 

Electric Juicer

Adding a juicer to your kitchen gadget collection saves a lot of time trying to extract the juice from fruits, especially the citrus family.

With an electric juicer, you will be putting in less effort and extracting juice without wasting the fruit. Besides making fruit juice, you can make vegetable smoothies  and other drinks to stay fit and healthy.

If you want to save some extra money, consider buying a 2-in-1 juicer and blender, or go for a food processor that will fulfill most of your kitchen cooking needs. 

Chef Knife

To get complete control over your slicing and chopping skills, buying a chef’s knife is imperative.

Due to their extreme sharpness, chef knives can cut easily through almost any type of food. You can easily find the best chef knife for under 100 dollars after dedicating some time to research.

However, for those with a keen interest in both aesthetics and functionality, Damascus chef knives are a game-changer.

These beautiful and high-quality knives have a unique pattern that is created by layering multiple types of steel together.

Investing in a Damascus chef knife can significantly enhance your cooking experience, blending art with precision in every cut. It may cost a little more than a typical chef’s knife, but the durability and functionality make it worth the price.

The sharpness of these knives also assists the user in chopping, slicing, and cutting food without putting strain on the wrist. 

Food Storage Containers

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free is necessary if you want to have an enjoyable time while cooking.

Using food storage containers will effectively store dry items like flour, spices, pulses, rice, pasta, and almost every other item you could think of.

Air-tight transparent storage containers would be a great choice as you can easily figure out the item you want to use while increasing the shelf life of the stored food items.

If you decide against using transparent containers, you’ll need to label each container for easy identification. Plastic containers work great and the choice is entirely yours.  

Stainless Steel Grater

Graters are normally used to grate cheese, but good quality ones can also grate vegetables like potatoes, cucumbers, and carrots to name a few.

Getting these vegetables is much more efficient than, say chopping with a kitchen knife. Furthermore, grating does not require much effort unless the grater’s quality is premium.

Boxed graters are a good pick as each side has a different grater size that you can use. 

Stir Fry Pan Set

When you are planning to eat healthy and nutritious meals, a stir fry pan set would be a great choice.

Carbon steel woks are quite affordable and have a distinctly curved bottom that makes your stir fry meals within minutes.

Most pan sets come with a lid to further accelerate the cooking process. 

Rice Cooker

Cooking rice has never been easier, thanks to this beautiful innovation. Rice cookers are a great pick when you want to cook rice with limited effort.

Rice cookers have measuring cups that allow precise cooking so you get the same results, every time.

The rice cooker can also be used to prepare quick breakfast meals without a hitch.

All you have to do is put the ingredients in the rice cooker, start it, and you’ll have your fully cooked meal after 20 minutes.

Adding the above-mentioned products to your kitchen will not only save time spent in cooking but also save money used in purchasing kitchen tools that might only be used a few times before finding a resting place in your kitchen cabinet.