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Christmas Traditions

Sometimes I sit and think… “What Christmas traditions do we have?” I mean, we make sure to attend certain events each year. We wait for Santa to come around the town on a fire truck. We go see the amazing dancing light display in the town square. There is a particular neighborhood where we go see lights each year. We attend Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, take pictures by the tree, open one gift and then prepare for bed. I guess all of these things are traditions. The kids have come to expect each of them every year. But, this year we wanted to try something new. This year we were told about an elf that comes to visit in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We were intrigued, so following the directions we were given, our middle daughter, JJ, wrote a letter to Santa asking him for an elf. This was the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

letter to Santa

Elf Magic

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we set out the water and crackers for the elf (again as suggested)… and, lo and behold, an elf appeared the next morning! The girls could hardly contain themselves! They woke us up that Sunday and began to show us the elf, the bag, the snowflakes, and the letter that were now sitting where the crackers and water were. And I must admit, my favorite part about the elf and her belongings was the letter she came with. Since we celebrate Jesus as the reason for the season… it was so nice to see that Santa shared that love for Christ:

love for Christ

The girls also noticed the line about baby Jesus and were delighted to read it. But, even more so, they were super excited about their new elf. They discussed a name and decided upon “Snowflake.” So, our elf, Snowflake, has been hanging around and living it up through her elf magic. The girls have even made her a room that is all her own. She has a comfy bed, fashionable blanket, and her own glass. She sleeps inside a shelf in their room near their Christmas tree.

elf magic


And now, the girls make sure that Snowflake is tucked in tightly each night. They fill her water glass, lay out some crackers, and sprinkle her with the North Pole snowflakes. By morning, Snowflake has magically made her way out of bed and found a way to have some fun throughout the house. The girls have enjoyed her little elfcapades. In fact, her very first night here she was already making friends in a fun game of memory with another doll and a stuffed dog. Actually, she was winning so I hope the other friends did not mind.


I have already been asked several times how other families can get the elf to come to their home and I have to share… I found the instructions on Elf-Magic.com. Take a look and find out how you too can ask Santa for an elf this holiday season. And don’t worry about your elf through the year, some say the elf will fall so much in love with the family that she makes appearances for special occasions: birthdays, back to school, etc. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the elfcapades go this month. I will have to update soon… andyou can also follow along on Instagram where I typically post them daily!

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