hands holding eco-friendly wrapped gift with recycled paper and real fresh chamomiles

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

Moms are often heads of families, doing jobs that often go unpaid or unappreciated.

While we should celebrate mothers whenever we can, it’s very important that we spend Mother’s Day with our moms, grandmothers, sisters, and friends who bring out the best in us and the world.

If your mom is interested in the well-being of themselves, their families, and the planet, consider celebrating her big day the eco-friendly way.

That means doing everything you can to protect the environment and the future of our Earth by making continuous purchasing and party decisions.

That may even mean not having a celebration or buying anything at all. How you spend Mother’s Day with your loved ones is up to you and the people you’re honoring this year.

creative, recycled handmade flowers made from scraps of plastic bottles

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day the Eco-Friendly Way

It’s easy to celebrate Mother’s Day in an eco-friendly way if you research and plan ahead. Here are some ideas to honor Mom and help reduce environmental damage at the same time. 

1. Gift Experiences 

Consider surprising her with a fun experience. Experiences are more meaningful and contribute less waste to the environment. Plus, your mom will cherish the time you spend together! 

Maybe she enjoys attending theater performances or brunching with friends. If so, reserve tickets or make a reservation. Or maybe she loves the outdoors.

Plan an eco-friendly adventure like a bike ride or nature walk. Just be sure to take along a reusable bottle to stay hydrated! 

2. Gift Guilt-Free Goods

Gift something your mom can enjoy long-term that won’t damage the environment. For example, nature-inspired decor like potted plants or wreaths.

Or, source gifts from eco-friendly startups or small local businesses like organic, fair trade beauty products, or pretty handmade jewelry. 

If shopping online, try to find companies that use recycled or repurposed shipping materials or limit plastics in their packages.

You can go completely digital with a virtual Mother’s Day card , which you can add gift cards to. Consider customizing your card to make it more personable. 

3. Decorate With Natural Elements 

Add some color to your Mother’s Day celebration with natural elements. Consider making a bouquet of flowers with wild wheat or other seasonal flowers or herbs.

If you want to combine elements, collect rocks, leaves, and twine and use them to create unique wall art or décor. 

Keep in mind that not decorating is still a valid option. If your mother is someone who wants a small celebration, then concentrate more on the eco-friendly gifts and fun times you’ll have.

4. Organize a Cleanup Day 

Help honor your mom and the natural world by organizing a community cleanup. Get your friends and family together to remove debris and debris-producing sources like abandoned waste tires, plastic bags, and glass bottles from around your hometown and local highways. 

Or, give your mom the gift of kindness this Mother’s Day by volunteering together. From teaching English classes to harvesting crops, there are so many ways to make a contribution.

Start by researching organizations and charities in your area and pick one that works for her.

5. Cook Healthy and Sustainable Meals 

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a tasty meal. Choose dishes with local and seasonal ingredients. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also guarantees quality and freshness.

Better yet, hit up a local farmers’ market and cook up something together from found ingredients.

Do you have a family cookbook? Consider adjusting the meal to make it vegetarian or vegan. According to the University of Oxford, going vegan reduces your carbon footprint by up to 73%.

6. Recycle Household Items 

Due to their durability and versatility, recycled household items make the best gifts. You could spruce up an old wooden bench with some fresh paint and plant pots.

Or, find old kitchen items like mason jars, glass bottles, and wooden boxes and turn them into planters and utensils. 

If you decide to buy something for your mom instead, make sure to reuse wrapping paper and bags. You can find them at craft stores or make your own.

You can also repurpose newspaper, fabric, old maps, and other materials. Use scrap paper to make cards and present toppers.

7. Plan a Plant Party 

Get your mom’s green thumb going with a garden party! Plant flowers or vegetables in balcony pots or a community garden.

If you can’t be with your mom in person, you can take a virtual gardening class together or buy her a gift certificate to her favorite gardening store. 

If you want to give her your gift a week in advance, ask her to plan her garden with you. You can both pick out plants together and come up with attractive landscaping ideas for the backyard.

Your mom is sure to love any of these eco-friendly ways to celebrate her.

Plus, you’ll be setting a great example for other family members. Let’s all work together to keep Mother Earth happy!