Go Green With These 7 Eco-Friendly Newborn Must-Haves

Being eco-conscious is no longer something people have a tendency to hide. Instead, they proudly talk about the importance of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

And that’s definitely a great thing because it seems like now more than ever we are living in an extremely polluted environment.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why so many companies that are selling baby products have decided to start developing eco-friendly items because they want to make sure our newborns are being protected from various hazardous things.

Go Green With These 7 Eco-Friendly Newborn Must-Haves

So if you are planning to have a baby, or you’ve recently had one, and want to do everything that’s in your power to provide your child with the safest products out there, then check out our list of things that are both eco-friendly, yet very useful.

Amazing Eco-Friendly Products That Are Perfect For Your Baby

Giraffe Rubber Teething Ring 

The truth is, teething can be very painful for the baby, and at the same time, very stressful for the parents. If you’re currently dealing with this, then maybe you should consider acquiring a natural rubber giraffe teething ring.

It is an amazing present, for both you and your baby. It will alleviate the pain your kid is facing, yet you will get a deserved break from crying. Additionally, this product will soothe those aching gums, and at the same time, entertain your baby. 

A Sustainable Diaper Bag

When the baby arrives, it means that it’s time to replace all your wonderful purses with a diaper bag, well, at least for a while.

Fortunately, the market offers some of the safest diaper bag options that are also very cute and appealing, which means that they are not going to negatively affect your style. So what are you supposed to look for?

For starters, you must obtain something that is easy to carry, that can efficiently be cleaned and of course, that is large enough to fit all your baby-related essentials. Sometimes, parents choose gender-neutral colors, depending on which parent is going to carry them.

Cloth Nappies

In case you didn’t know, one disposable nappy usually takes somewhere between two hundred and five hundred years to decompose. Now, one of the reasons why so many parents still rely on disposable nappies is because they are not quite sure which sustainable option is the best. 

The truth is, there are so many options when it comes to this, that it can be truly overwhelming to pick just one. 

Baby Slings 

It appears to us that new parents are literally obsessed with baby carriers and slims and who can blame them since they are so practical. Moms now can rest their hands for a while. Another great thing about them is the fact that they encourage bonding between a newborn and a parent.

Besides these obvious benefits, some studies have shown that it enhances breastfeeding, which means moms no longer have to stress over it.

Furthermore, these high-quality baby slings provide new mothers with a cozy, yet soft way to be close to their child, do whatever is necessary, and at the same time imitate the womb experience.

Most of these baby slings and carriers can be found in a variety of different colors that can perfectly embellish your outfit. They are made from natural cotton, which is why it is a perfect gift for any baby.

Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

Now, here’s something that you probably haven’t seen before, or at least not as frequently as some other types of mattresses.

This is for sure something that every crib and baby deserves. Since babies usually sleep a lot, it’s of huge importance to obtain a mattress that doesn’t contain any toxins and chemicals.

Furthermore, this crib mattress is made out of certified organic wool, cotton, and latex that is harvested in India, which means that this is certainly one of the safest options on the market for your newborn. 

Baby Wooden Ring Rattle

A majority of baby toys are made from plastic and babies have a tendency to put them into their mouths. Well, that’s not going to be a problem with a baby wooden ring rattle since it is sustainable and free from any toxins, which just goes to show that it is ideal for your kid. 

Furthermore, this toy was made with a combination of PlanWood and rubberwood. Namely, rubberwood is harvested from rubber trees that do not produce latex anymore.

When you have a baby, everything else becomes less relevant and your biggest priority is precisely your child and his/her well-being.

As a responsible parent, you need to make sure you are giving your baby only the best things in life and that’s precisely what these products (that we listed here) are!