Doing Okay
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What makes you believe that you are doing okay as a mom? I mean, do you ever stop and think about it? I know it crosses my mind frequently. Perhaps most with my teens. Sometimes it can be hard to know where you stand in their whirlwind of hormones and growth. Reassurance can be a good thing in those times.

Doing Okay

Doing Okay as a Mom

If you have wondering if you are doing okay as a mom, I bet you are not alone. Well, I bet WE are not alone. Parenting is tough. With Mother’s Day this past weekend, I was ale to do some reflecting on my life as a mom. Where I started. What has happened along the way. And where I am today.

My oldest daughter actually moved out this past Saturday. Since she did not move far, and is living with a friend, the transition was a little easier to handle. She is transferring college campuses next semester and this puts her closer to school. But, it is still a big deal.

Doing Okay Mom

She and I were talking recently and she said something to me that resonated straight through to my heart.

Colby and I often talk about wanting to move somewhere different. Just to move where there are a lot of trees and beautiful scenery. You know, just for a little while. But, recently my daughter told me something that I did not expect. Words that truly touched me.

Mom, you can’t move away. I don’t want to be more than 5 minutes away from you… ever.

It was at that moment that I realized… I MUST be doing something right. I MUST be doing okay as a mom. Otherwise she would want to get as far away from me as possible! Or, at least that is what I am telling myself! This was a huge deal for me. A large breakthrough into the sometimes tumultuous times that she and I have shared through her teen years of the past. Those words she spoke that day meant more to me than I believe she even understood. I AM doing okay as a mom!

Who will you encourage?

Do you know a mom who needs to know she is doing okay?

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