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Father’s Day is just around the corner and it always causes me to reflect on the dads around me. Not only am I married to an amazing man who is the most incredible father to our children, but I think I have a pretty good dad myself.

my dad - their papaw

Doin’ Good this Father’s Day

My dad has not always been “Father of the Year.” Growing up, times were tough for us and it took him a while to catch on to that. Physical limitations after a heart attack over 15 years ago changed his outlook on the way he was living. He sobered up, improved his diet, and changed his spiritual life. It was drastic and necessary. He became a better person, a more loving husband and the most incredible “PaPaw” to his grandkids.

Like Wyatt Like PaPaw

Recently, we had another health scare with him when we were told he had Prostate Cancer. Our family was devastated to hear the news. It rocked our world to the very core. Trying to explain the fight we were up against to the grandchildren was difficult when we barely understood. But, once again, he prevailed. 3 weeks later a second opinion and immediate surgery gave him a clean bill of health. No cancer. All was once again right with our family.

Christmas servant heart

Talk about perspective. It showed us how much he meant to each of us. How determined we are as a family to fight for each other. My dad, as the patriarch of our family, showed incredible faith through every step of the process. He never wavered. He is the epitome of strength and trust in times such as these, and teaches us to be more like him. To have his servant’s heart when we do things like serve the homeless each month.

doin good dad

Sometimes I don’t think my dad realizes the impact he has on our family. From my nephews who look to him daily for guidance, to my own children who look for his love and laughter, to all of us who admire his faith. I believe my dad is doin’ good… probably better than he knows or will take credit for.

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and it always causes me to reflect on the dads around me. Not only am I married…

Posted by 7 on a Shoestring on Friday, June 12, 2015