4 Different Types Of Medical Devices And How They Work

Over the past couple of years, it looks like technology and medicine have joined forces to create some of the most useful devices in the world that are capable of streamlining various processes when it comes to the medical field.

Precisely these devices have managed to save millions and millions of lives and enhanced the lives of a plethora of patients.

Furthermore, these advances enable healthcare providers to offer their patients top-notch care, enhancing their overall conditions.

Today, in this article we’ll discuss some of the most useful devices utilized in the healthcare industry and what they do to improve the lives of people all around the world.

So let’s check them out together.

4 Different Types Of Medical Devices And How They Work

Top Medical Devices That Are Changing People’s Lives

Wet Medical Devices

Within the healthcare industry, there is a spectrum of uses that requires continuous fluid management. The current medical device marketplace is constantly making positive changes and inventing solutions to enhance life-improving and lifesaving products.

Namely, a lot of medical procedures and treatments include the delivery of fluids as treatments for numerous conditions.

One of the latest medical inventions is fluid-based wet medical devices that are generally created to suit various requirements, like medical hydrogels, scar management gels, moisturizers, and many others.

Companies that are working on making these wet medical devices utilize in-house processes to fill them into jars, tubes, and many others.

Smartphone Smoking-Cessation Device

Recently, researchers at Harvard University have uncovered that nicotine patches and gum are not quite as effective as many of us have thought. Yet, they still wanted to help people quit smoking.

In order to accomplish this, Chrono Therapeutics, in California has focused on creating a solution that represents a perfect mixture of a device similar to the patch and smartphone technology.

In order for this to help, smokers must wear a tiny gadget that delivers nicotine at relatively high doses when their cravings are hitting hard, which is usually after a meal or in the morning, and then it shuts off when they go to bed.

What happens next? Namely, then this information is synced to a cell phone application and provides different techniques to monitor progress, and also gives users a bunch of useful tips to help them deal with cravings.

With this invention, smokers can actually set reasonable goals in terms of quitting smoking.

What Else Do We Have?

3D Printing

3D printers are for sure one of the best inventions when it comes to the healthcare industry. It is safe to say that they are life-changing devices that can be utilized to make joints and implants to be utilized during surgery.

Furthermore, 3D-printed prosthetics have become insanely famous as they are completely bespoke, with the digital functionalities allowing them to match a person’s measurements down to the inch.

With the help of these innovations, patients can finally be mobile without experiencing any inconvenience. 

These days, surgeons are utilizing 3D printing for pre-surgical preparation and planning. Namely, employing a realistic replica of an individual’s anatomy is enabling doctors to try procedures they wouldn’t have previously been capable to do. 

Life Support Devices

As the name suggests, these devices were designed to maintain the bodily function of a patient.

Without the proper life support, it would be pretty challenging for the organ system to normally function.

In the medical field, you can come across different life support machines that are enhancing the lives of most patients and they include:

  1. Heart-lung machines – These are also known as cardiopulmonary bypass devices and represent the type of medical device that functions as the lungs or heart of a patient during surgery. Additionally, it alleviates the circulation of oxygen and blood throughout the patient’s body.
  2. Dialysis machine – Dialysis represents a method of eliminating excess toxins and/or solutes from the blood. Furthermore, it is utilized on patients whose kidneys are no longer working properly and are not capable of executing these functions. These machines are essential for anyone who has damaged kidneys or has simply lost kidney function. Without these medical devices, people would never be able to survive.
  3. Medical ventilator – This medical device is developed to move breathable air in and out of a patient’s lungs. It is generally employed on people who are not capable of delivering a sufficient supply of oxygen throughout their body or have difficulty breathing. Furthermore, there are two types of medical ventilators. One is run by a computer and the other one is hand-operated by utilizing a bag valve mask.

We just scratched the surface with our list of different types of medical devices.

There are so many amazing ones out there that are constantly working on enhancing the lives of people with more or less complex health conditions.