Diapers, Sippy Cups, and Toys… Oh My!

As parents, we are not given an instruction manual with each baby as we leave the hospital. And I do mean each baby. Believe me when I say each one is different and would require their own unique handbook. Each one of my 5 children have their very own personalities. Each one stubborn or defiant in their own way. Each one loving, gentle, and kind in a way special to them.

Diapers Sippy Cups and Toys

Diapers, Sippy Cups, and Toys

From day one, we, as parents, have to adjust to a whole new way of life. A new way of thinking. Our lives become full of diapers, sippy cups, and toys for the next couple of years and beyond. The daily messes and stresses of life can wear us down and leave us exhausted if we let it. So, how do we keep parenting life from winning? With our oldest child heading into college and the youngest potty training, my husband and I have adapted to a few parenting tricks that we use to get by. Here are a few of those tips:

Tips to Tackle Parenting’s Messes and Stresses

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Seriously! Life is too short to stress over things that can easily be fixed or handled. High anxiety or expectations only leads to more tension. Have fun with your kids. Let them be little. They grow up way too fast to continuously worry over the small stuff. Enjoy their childhood with them!
  • Pick Your Battles – Ok… I have to remind my husband of this every day. And I don’t mean that you let the kids run all over you. But, there are some situations, such as my 6 year old princess wanting to wear a tutu and play heels to the store… where I just give in and let her win. Trying to help her find a suitable outfit and the sadness in her eyes in not worth the battle. Sometimes it is alright to let them make their choices and then allowing them to learn from their decisions. {My daughter learned play high heels are not made for walking around the store for an hour. See? I still won the war.}
  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – Since we have to let them make their own mistakes, we also have to learn to let them pick up the pieces. After all, there is no use crying over spilled milk. The mess has been made and we have to move on. Offering words of wisdom on how to not spill the cup next time may be best. And then remember to hand them a wet Huggies wipe wrapped in advice for cleaning it up.
  • Remember Your Manners – The quickest way to teach children to use their manners and be respectful is to do it yourself. I firmly believe children learn  by example and we can show them the way to react in situations by our own response. Remembering to say “please” and “thank you” are easy to do… and can make a world of difference as they grow. For example, if I politely ask you to PLEASE think about liking the Huggies Latino Facebook Page and sharing your favorite parenting tips and stories… you may be more adept to responding positively. I can even add in that as a way of saying, “THANK YOU” for participating in the contest found on said Facebook page you have a chance to win a fully stocked Huggies diaper bag. See? Now wasn’t that a nice way for me to use my manners?


Huggies is introducing new and improved products designed to withstand the real life challenges of parenting. Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers have an improved Leak and Lock to pull in wetness along with a SnugFit waistband that offers a secure fit. Huggies Natural Care Wipes now clean better than ever. Huggies is encouraging parents to put the new and improved Huggies Diapers and Wipes to the test. And to help spread the word, Huggies has collaborated with Poncho de Anda and Lina Amashta. Poncho and Lina have put together the following webisode {in Spanish} about their Huggies experience:


“Parenting can be overwhelming, but my wife and I work together to constantly improve upon what we’ve learned over the past few years with our children,” said Poncho de Anda. “And we’ve learned a lot – like relying on Huggies diapers and wipes, which stand up to the tests of our little ones and have helped us make it through long flights and even spaghetti night with ease!” ~Poncho de Anda

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Bloggers Connect and Huggies. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
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