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Promote And Design Your Website Perfectly For Better Business

The loading time of your website is an increasingly important criterion for creating a site for Google. With the rise of mobile browsing, your site can take even longer to load which will make your visitors leave.

The implementation of a shorter loading time allows you to improve the user experience of your website and therefore be the new friend of Google.

Loading time should be an integral part of your SEO strategy!  To test the speed of your website, you can use the dedicated professional tools online.

For any newbie business or even established one, you need to look at how to improve your website. It’s tip number one!

Promote And Design Your Website Perfectly For Better Business

Optimizing a website depends on its loading time. The tool will give you the loading time of your page, a score as well as proposals for technical solutions to optimize your website.

The charging time is considered to be good between 500 milliseconds and 3 seconds. For every additional second, you are likely to generate +16% dissatisfaction with your visitors and a -7% conversion rate.

Optimizing the loading time of your site is an issue that is measured by the “time invested and positive impact” ratio.

There is a key factor to consider: the weight of the images.

You can directly compress your images from online sites which assures you an optimal ratio between image quality and weight. 

Optimize the SEO of a site with the design

Creating an SEO-optimized site is a necessity. It starts with having a site called responsive design, it is now an obligation to position your site in the first position in the results of Google.

Since 2015, Google’s algorithm has taken this criterion very seriously for the indexing of sites in search engines.

A turnkey and professional website that is not responsive design is simply no longer displayed in search results after a search on a mobile, or 60% of total traffic.

You can test whether your website is mobile-friendly directly on your mobile or test with the software.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it is best to redesign it. It is more complicated, and therefore more expensive, to transform an old site into a site adapted for mobile.

Optimize the keywords of your SEO strategy 

The content of your site plays an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for search engines. In order to properly reference your website, work on the list of your keywords and the lexical field around your keywords.

Consider using variations of your keywords. You shouldn’t always repeat only the same keywords, diversify the semantics and improve the content of your site in the long term.

These keywords can be used for your natural referencing but can also be an interesting lead for your paid referencing.

Make sure you put these keywords in the title and description of each page of your website (the title is also called title tag and description tag or technically meta description tag). 

These are the two most important elements in terms of SEO to index a page on a website. Titles (70 characters) and descriptions (160 characters) are limited in number of characters for optimal display in Google search results.

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Optimization of the images of your website.

Also, make sure that you have unique titles and descriptions between your pages. This will prevent Google from thinking that you are duplicating content!

The first title of your page (technically called H1) should also contain your keywords.

For the most important pages of your site, it is advisable to have content over 1000 words. This is the limit from which Google considers the content of your page to be SEO-friendly and interesting for Internet users.

Improve your content to optimize your site

Search engines try as much as possible to reproduce the behavior of Internet users. The formatting of texts makes it easier to read and highlight important things.

Internet users read very quickly on the Internet, highlighting the keywords of your SEO strategy. When you have enumerations, be sure to include lists.

If you have long texts, air them out with titles that also contain your keywords, a little like in newspapers or magazines!

Create good content that people want to read and make sure that you also offer people some communication. That may be chatbots or links to communication pages.

You should also consider a live chat for your website!

Links for website optimization 

Besides backlinks (the external links that come from other sites), your site tree structure and page hierarchy is also important and easy to set up.

It is preferable to link each page of your site to another page through a link or a button.

The home page as well as all the links on your menu are considered by Google’s algorithm as the links with the most weight and power in terms of referencing. Then link from these pages to the other URLs concerned.

If some pages do not have a link from the menu, you can link those pages using the links at the footer. In the content of your pages, it is essential to create an internal link.

These inbound links allow Google to understand that your site has depth in its content.