Best Way to Deep Clean Carpet Yourself with Rug Doctor

I love this time of year! The windows are open and the fresh spring breeze is blowing through the house.

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The kids can get outside and play, we can get out more, and the sun is spending more time in the sky.

Alas, it’s also the time of year for spring cleaning. Do you deep clean your house each spring?

Best Way to Deep Clean Carpet Yourself with Rug Doctor

Deep Clean Carpet

Honestly, anytime I clean, it’s going to be a deep clean. Sure, I pick up things and wipe down counters as we go, but when I clean, I’m all in.

I start at the top of the house and work my way down–meaning ceiling to floors. The floors catch everything that gets cleaned from above, so naturally they need to be cleaned last.

Whether you’ve got carpet, hardwood, or tile, it’s going to be covered in dust and grime from the rest of the space.

And deep cleaning carpet can be a chore, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be if you have the right carpet cleaning tools.

So, what’s the

best way to deep clean carpet yourself?

Sure, you could rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself that way. Yet, in the long run, I venture to say you won’t be saving money.

Why not invest in the new FlexClean® from Rug Doctor?

FlexClean, goes beyond carpet, beyond clean. This one machine can clean your entire home – including living room, bedroom, bathrooms, patio, garage, stairs – and can also be used on furniture.

For example, in our home we have ceramic tile throughout most of the bottom floor, carpet upstairs and in our master down, and then another tile in the wet areas. Not to mention, a concrete front porch, back patio, and 2-car garage.

FlexClean replaces single-function machines like deep carpet and hard floor cleaners, mops, and steam mops; and is easy as vacuuming.

Think about the money you will save with one machine and one cleaner, in addition to the time and energy switching from one machine to the next.

Rug Doctor FlexClean floor cleaner all in one

Where do you think the floors are the dirtiest in your house? I would say our kitchen because, with eight of us in the home, it’s definitely a high-traffic area.

In fact, surveys show that most homeowners say the floors they think are the dirtiest are hard floor areas (30%), with most saying their kitchen is dirtiest, followed by the bathroom (23%). I do believe I agree with this statistic.

Rug Doctor FlexClean for kitchen floors

How about a few more stats on carpet cleaning:

  • The majority of people believe their hard floors are “pretty clean” (36%) to “looks okay to me” (24%), but most use traditionally ineffective cleaning methods, such as a light wet mop (56%) or a mop with a scrub bucket (33%).
  • On average, people own more than 6 cleaning products for their floors alone and spend $42 a month on cleaning supplies. Don’t forget this fact: FlexClean replaces a closet full of supplies with one machine to do it all.
  • EPA recommends an annual deep, wet carpet cleaning to improve air quality inside your home.
  • According to Global Scientific, mopping is found to leave behind 30 times more soil than spray-and-vac cleaning, a “no-touch” method with the ability to truly clean hard floors.

You can see why Rug Doctor scientists recommend this modern and more effective cleaning method to actually remove the dirt, oils, and contaminants from hard floors, versus using mops that tend to smear dirt and sticky residue around. 

Unlike mops, FlexClean washes, scrubs, and uses powerful suction and a motorized brush to extract the water and tough dirt, stains, odors, sticky substances, and more from carpet and sealed hard floors.

Rug Doctor FlexClean for stairs

Not to mention, FlexClean has the most suction power in its class for the deepest clean. It has been extensively tested and proven to be tough on dirt but gentle on all floor types, so there is no scratching, warping, or watermarks.

If you have hardwood floors, I’m sure you can appreciate that!

Rug Doctor FlexClean #Disgustifaction

Still think your floors are clean? Ever experience disgustifaction?

You know, that feeling of utter disgust combined with total satisfaction – when you see what comes out of your rugs and off your hard floors?

Try Rug Doctor’s FlexClean and you will experience it! You may have thought your floors were clean before, but wait until you deep clean your floors with FlexClean.

Rug Doctor FlexClean upholstery cleaner

Oh, and go ahead and clean your upholstery with FlexClean too! With FlexClean’s Upholstery and Spot Cleaning tool, you can easily clean stairs, furniture, auto interiors, and other hard-to-reach places. 

Replace messy mops, unreliable deep carpet cleaners, flimsy hard floor cleaners, and bulky deep cleaners with just this one device.

Ready to start deep cleaning your floors?

With a 43-year history, Rug Doctor is the global market leader in professional-grade do-it-yourself deep carpet cleaning.

Purchase your FlexClean today and experience disgustifaction for yourself!