I have read a handful of others bloggers speak about crazy PR pitches they received but could never fully understand until I received similar pitches myself. I do not know why, but ever since I changed my blog design I have been getting pitches a few times a week through my contact page.

Dear PR Dept

Now, this is great and I am excited about companies finally coming to me after several months of work, but they are not always the best of emails.

Dear PR Dept

Almost every email I have received in the past 2 weeks have pitched some “great” e-book or “outstanding” product that the PR department feels would be a “perfect fit” for my blog. I am flattered… truly.

BUT… my blog “real estate” has become very precious to me lately and I do not understand why I should tell everyone about your product or service for free?

Don’t get me wrong, I could use the extra funds but am not into this whole “blogging thing” for the money {otherwise I would be sadly disappointed anyways}, but I do believe I should be valued for my time just as any journalist or content writer should be.

I may not have the degree that another writer has or the traffic of another blog but I must have something the PR department likes since THEY CONTACTED ME! Right?!

True, there may be times when I am alright with a quick post that I can throw up as a “filler” for my blog as long as I find it useful to my readers.

Besides, when you send me a pre-written blog post that I only need to personalize to match my voice then I am typically good with giving you a few moments of my time.

Sometimes. On the other hand, if you are sending me general information that requires me to do further research and then compose my own 200-400 word post plus set up a giveaway… well that obviously takes more of my time.

Thus, it would generally be considered respectful to, in return, offer me something for my time.

My blog encompasses most of my days between managing my children and the rest of my household duties, so the least the PR department could do is acknowledge that I have better things to be doing besides passing along their info for free.

I am sure there are other online resources for that… or other bloggers who may not mind so much. But, I am trying to assist my husband in providing for our 5 children while also doing my best to maintain my “stay-at-home-mom” status.

The cost of day care and gas alone are enough to deter the idea of working outside the home right now, therefore, the least you could do is account for all of that.

Treat me, the blogger YOU contacted, with respect and I will, in return, do your company a great service by representing you to the best of my ability.

Have you received a similar PR pitch?

How do you respond? Or do you even acknowledge the fact that it appeared in your inbox?

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