Our family - April 2016
Disclosure: This is a sponsored letter inspired through a partnership with Nature’s Bounty. Regardless, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Do you ever look back over your life and say, “If only I had know then what I know now?” Or, perhaps something I seem to do most often, tell your kids to learn from your mistakes.

Our family - April 2016

That is my biggest motivation towards living a better life: my children and their future.

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I sincerely want to be here to see it and want them to be successful, happy, healthy adults. 

Dear Future Me,

What a year 2016 has been! Both on a personal and more widespread world level.

For me, it began on January 1st. A disagreement with someone I called my friend set off months of depression that no on outside my home knew about. It tore me apart mentally, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and even physically.

It wasn’t until months later that a true friend told me something I should have learned long ago:

Don’t give someone else control of your happiness.”

I didn’t realize how much control I was giving this other person.

But, it was at that point that I understood and began to make changes in every aspect of my life.

Therefore, a few things I think you should know…

Colby and I at the Arch in Cabo San Lucas

If you take care of your mental, spiritual, emotional, social and physical health now, your efforts will pay dividends later.

You will go through some valleys that life brings, but you will also get through them.

Don’t get stuck in a temporary situation and turn it into a long-term problem. Learn to breathe through it and push forward in every aspect of your being.

Doing so will allow you to hold onto the joy you have now and to let go of the hurt.

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Speaking of letting go, I have discovered something that you should really hold onto: your health!

After begging Colby to get healthier, it’s been nice joining him on that journey over the past few months. Don’t stop taking care of yourself.

Stay active and take your vitamins!

Nature’s Bounty encourages us to think about our overall health now and to take realistic steps today towards achieving that healthy tomorrow

After all, with nearly 50 years of experience, Nature’s Bounty knows we’re better off healthy and they provide provide supplements made with the finest ingredients for unsurpassed quality and value.

poolside at Holiday Inn Los Cabos all inclusive

Never stop traveling!

After staying in one spot for most of your life, wanderlust has taken over and it is good! Travel more and take the kids — the grandkids too — along as often as possible.

There is much to be seen and discovered outside the tiny circle of the world we find ourselves in.

Besides, travel often ignites happiness and that is always good for every part of our being.

pajama pillow fight

Enjoy every moment.

Time is fleeting and once a moment is gone, we have nothing but a memory. Therefore, take those moments captive.

Treasure the ones that matter and learn from the ones that provide growth. Use them to teach your children and the generations to follow.

Do your part, every chance you get, to make the world a better place. Life is too short to spend it miserable so so love the life you have!


I wrote a book!

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