A Day in My Life as a Mom

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Coming off a few days away, I was welcomed back with open arms. My younger girls, and my husband, of course, missed me the most I can tell. It was nice to be greeted after school with huge smiles and tight squeezing hugs.

Day In My Life

My Life as a Mom

Since I do not leave too often, I do not get to experience that often. It was a bit fun honestly.

But, my days are typically spent here at home. Keeping my toddler fed, engaged, clean, and safe. She keeps me on my toes more than any other. Always finding something new to get in to and keeping me laughing.

And although, she sleeps in each morning, I can assure you it is because we were up late getting her to go to sleep!


Our mornings are typically slow moving for Monkey and I. My husband brings her into our room when he leaves for work because we have dark curtains to keep the morning sunlight out. Plus, our room is quieter as the rest of the house prepares to leave for the day.

Therefore, if I wake up before her, I simply lay in bed reading before she awakes. If Monkey happens to wake up first, I am awakened by a hand on my face. Not a slap, but a gentle rub of my face to let me know she is there.

I then open my eyes, smile at her, give her a kiss on the forehead and we cuddle. No matter who wakes up first, our morning always begin with cuddles. I absolutely love that!


Next, Monkey does not wait too long before she wants breakfast. That typically means yogurt or cereal with some sort of fruit. And, if Monkey is hungry enough, I can get past the morning without my mess to clean up.

But, that is rarely the case. I am grateful for Huggies Wipes and how they help me clean those yogurt mishaps most mornings.

Ketchup Baby

After breakfast, Monkey makes the schedule of the day. Her activity level depends on her mood for the day. We read books, build with blocks, color (hopefully paper rather than walls), jump on the trampoline, play in the floor, watch a few preschool shows, eat some more, clean up more messes, wait for the girls to come home, play with toys… there is always something we need to be doing.

As I said, she is non-stop. She does not take naps throughout the day and most days I need one for myself. But, I love her to pieces and enjoy the time we spend together.

I miss her when we are apart and she completes my world.


Do you have a toddler at home? One younger? Older? Whatever the case may be, we can all use a some fun tips to get us through the day.

Tips to Tackle Parenting from Poncho De Anda and Lina Amashta

  • Keep Order – Being organized is key. Implement schedules to stay organized; before and after the baby.
  • Baby Blockers – It is hard to keep up with an on-the-go baby, and when caught in the act, it is important to speak to them firmly. Avoid yelling as it pushes their irritability button.
  • Diaper Bag Distractions – Always stock your diaper bag with small toys, a few snacks, books and Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers with improved Leak Lock. They absorb faster and keep our baby dryer longer, so baby stays happy.
  • Keep Wipes Handy – Disposable wipes are crucial in any household with children. Keep them in supply around the house and use them for everything from diaper changing to dinner clean up. The new and improved Huggies Natural Care Wipes are great to clean up little hands and faces after a family meal because they are gentle and fragrance-free for soft baby skin.

How do you tackle every day parenting messes?

Give the new and improved Huggies Natural Care Wipes a try or pick up another great product form the line.

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