Today I am thankful for the teachers that love on my girls everyday. It was a hard decision to put them in public school, but they are thriving!

Princess JF and JL

I know I had some incredible teachers that poured into me and forever shaped my life. Teachers rock! ♥

Having a homeschool mother’s heart, it was a very difficult, prayerful decision to put my two Princesses in public school.

But, with the tough pregnancy and then my mother’s cancer journey, it just seemed like the best option for them. I was afraid they would get left behind and I did not want them to suffer because of my lack of time to teach.

So, we put them both in public school and they are both doing so well.

Princess JF is teacher’s pet and a straight “A” student. She has already got Student of the Month and her work is typically the teacher’s example for the other students.

She loves to please others and it doesn’t stop when she walks in the classroom!

Princess JL is loving the social side of Pre-K.

Although she is learning her alphabet, numbers, and all that, she is also learning that it is okay to be away from me.

Now, that isn’t to say she doesn’t still cry… but it’s getting better. I do adore that my kids love me… but I also need them to be okay while I step away for a minute! 🙂

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