Day 14: Giving Thanks

Today I am thankful for our beautiful 14 month old, Princess JR. She was our saving grace. She loves people by waving, smiling, and giving hugs. I just ♥ her!

Princess JR

This little girl is simply my shining star.

I in no way love one child more than another…and I love my children all the same. But, going through two losses and a tough pregnancy with JR, she is our saving grace.

There were several times when we did not think we would see the pregnancy end with a good outcome, so seeing her live and thrive in a healthy little body everyday is a true miracle.

We were told early on that she had some life-threatening birth disorder and it was very touch-and-go for several weeks.

But, God prevailed and she was born healthy and smiling!

She is the most happy baby and is SO good.

We often talk about how well behaved and boisterous she is compared to the other 4. We are often complimented on her attitude and willingness to simply behave.

For a 14 month old, that is a big accomplishment in this house.

She loves to use her sign language and her two favorite things to do are {#1} wave at people and then {#2} give people hugs.

She brightens up my day everyday.

And it is difficult not to smile in the morning when she wakes you up with the biggest grin from ear to ear {and I am NOT a morning person}. She has changed our lives and I am grateful for the gift of this one last child.

She has completed our family. I love her immeasurably!

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