Day 13: Giving Thanks

Today I am thankful for our angel baby, Reagan. In just 15 short weeks in the womb I learned a lifetime worth of valuable lessons. I still miss and love my baby every day.

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”

~Philippians 1:3

Going through a miscarriage is probably the hardest trial I have had to endure thus far in my 36 years.


My husband and I split up for a couple of years, and, although difficult, I managed.

My mom recently walked through a struggle with Lymphoma, and although scary, I managed.

I’ve lost countless family members and friends, and although very sad, I managed.

But, losing one of my own children, even though I had never seen or held the baby outside the womb, was beyond manageable.

I was sent into a whirlwind of depression and found solace in Christ alone.

I was finally able to pick myself up once I stopped thinking of me and was able to focus my eyes upward.

I do not know how other manage without God simply because He was all I had to fall back on.

My husband and children did not understand what I was going through.

My mother had never experienced this sort of loss.

My sister did not know how to minister me through it.

I was finally able to get some sort of wisdom through other moms who had walked through it via my MOPS group! I was able to talk about it, ask questions, and feel ready to move on.

Baby Reagan taught me to rely fully on God more than any other.

Also, I learned about “letting go” of my children. Although I still struggle, I understand more so now how I need to give God full control over everything... including my children.

I know they are only mine on loan for a little while, and I pray that I am doing a job worthy of His praise.

Baby Reagan taught me a lifetime of lessons in just 15 short weeks and I do not believe I will ever forget my angel in Heaven.

365 Days of Gratitude
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