Today I am thankful for our most defiant, freshly-turned 5 year old, Princess JL. She is “coming into her own” and is going to give us a run for the money in so many ways! But, wouldn’t trade her for anything! Love her without measure! ♥

Princess JL

Oh, Girl! This one is already causing us to go gray!

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Everything MUST go her way or she refuses to budge! Hands crossed across her body, eyes in a mean glare, cheeks puffed out, and her body becomes stiff!

Where did she get this? The other 3 before her never acted like this. She is is no way afraid to tell me, “No!” {something the other kids never do}

But… she does have good characteristics as well. =)

Princess JL is cuddly and playful. She still tends to come into our room every night simply because she needs someone to cuddle up to at night {she sleeps with Princess JF who isn’t much of a cuddler}.

She is also very artistic, but tends to use that craft on our walls {again something the other children have never done}.

Her curiosity gets her into trouble as she likes to check out everything in the house regardless of what it is and who it belongs to.

And, even at the ripe young age of 5, she loves boys! Oh is she going to be a handful!

Yesterday there was a new boy at school and she told me as soon as she got into the truck.

At dinner she proceeded to tell SuperDad about how she and her friend were fighting over who was going to play with him first!

She also let us know who she plans on marrying {a young boy at church whom we have known for the past 3 years}.

I pray her beauty and creativity carries her to amazing adventures in Christ’s name and that she is able to use her talents and gifts for things such as that.

Even though she is at quite a precocious age… she is mine and I love her unconditionally!

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