Today I am thankful for our incredible middle child, Princess JF. She is our little “event planner”… always ready to plan out the day and never forgets any reason to celebrate or be together! I ♥ her to the moon and beyond!

Princess JF is completely her own.

Although she expresses some of her older sister’s mannerisms, she really is in a class all her own. To begin with, she is a hoarder. She takes everyone’s things and then hides them as an outlet to get attention.

Being the middle child of 5 is hard and she is doing what she can to make sure she is both seen and heard!

One of my favorite things about Princess JF is her “event planning” personality. She never lets a birthday, anniversary, or simple “good deed” go by without planning a celebration.

She loves to hand make cards, grab a gift bag with tissue and find anything lying around the house to give as a gift.

I love her service to others in this sense.

She also is incredibly smart. Although just beginning 1st grade, she is already on a 2nd grade reading level and continues to flourish.

This makes me proud, mainly because I like having someone else in the house that shares my love for reading!

Princess JF is our most detailed, responsible, and giving child… and I love her loads for all that she is!

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