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When you head out for a date night, what do you normally wear? Colby and I are both pretty casual and I am never more comfortable than when I am wearing jeans. They are definitely my “go to” style. And not just any pair of jeans… Lee Jeans. The fit is simply amazing every time.

Lee Date Night style

Lee Jeans

Imagine my excitement when Lee Jeans contacted Colby and I about hosting a date night. First, we love a reason to go out together… just the two of us. Second, an opportunity to talk about how much I love my Lee Jeans? Yes, please! Not to mention, we were able to not only put a face to an email contact, but we met a designer for Lee. That was pretty impressive in itself. Not gonna lie.

Lee Style Party Date Night

But have you ever wondered why your Lee Jeans fit perfectly? Like, how do they know my body? As I talked with the team at the Lee Style Party, I was fascinated by just how much they engage with their customers. Really engage. They learn from the feedback real people who wear their jeans give them. Wow! A brand that actually listens to their customers?! You have to admire them for that! I know it just reiterated my love for the company.

date night mirror selfie
Ummm… yeah. We were so involved in the party this is the only shot I got of us all night!

Not only that, but they also stay authentic and true to their style. Lee Jeans have a strong history that began way back in 1889 when Henry David Lee saw the need for reliable, durable work wear and developed the line of jeans. Today, as I mentioned, they are still listening to the needs of those that wear the jeans. And you can tell the difference when you slip into a pair.

Lee Curvy Fit jeans

For instance, what is the one thing that you often find in a pair of jeans? I know that I often find “the gap” frustrating. You know the one. That large opening of the waist band when you bend over. Lee’s Curvy Fit Jeans have solved that problem! Using fabrics they hold their shape, along with contouring waist, you will no longer see that gap in Curvy Fit jeans. When I put my first pair on I was immediately impressed not only by their fit, but the absence of that crazy jean gap. Try a pair yourself and see just how amazingly comfortable and form fitting they are.

Lee Style Guide

While at the Lee Style Party, guests had the opportunity to try on pairs of Lee Jeans to see what they thought. As they emerged from the dressing rooms, the designer was right there listening to their feedback. Plus, she was answering questions that were coming in from Twitter. Ummm… she was crazy awesome. And I love that Lee cares enough to do these style parties. It’s all about learning more about what their audience wants and how they can please the end-user… you and me!

Lee perfect fitting jeans guide

Oh, one of the questions asked was why jeans now seem to have more polyester. The answer? The polyester makes the jeans conform as well as durable, yet they remain mostly cotton to keep the authentic denim look. Now ya know! Plus, when you slip into a pair of Lee Jeans that love for the customer comes full circle. Inside the lining of my jeans, the interior fabric of the front pockets declared a few reminders that we can all use:

Lee Jeans inspiring

See what I mean? Lee Jeans pretty much wins the denim world for me.

So, how will you dress for your next casual date night?

Lee Jeans are modern, flattering and comfortable and there are a variety of styles and fits to try. Use the Jeans Fit Finder to help you make selections based on your body.

Lee Jeans modern flattering comfortable

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