Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop

Make Learning Fun with Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop

With as much as Colby and I rely on technology, we really expect nothing less from our children. They aren’t all tech savvy, but for the most part, they know their way around it. In some instances, better than I.

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But, with everything kids nowadays have at their disposal, they can do amazing things! Robots and technology are the future and we fully support those advancements.

Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop

Dash and Dot

Even in our homeschool teachings, we rely heavily on technology. The girls’ curriculum is on a tablet. They use apps and Google drive for assignments.

Books are both digital and binded. We enjoy teaching them about the products and services we use in our work as well. Needless to say, we are all constantly learning together.

Wonder Workshop teaches kids coding

Using the robots, Dash and Dot, from Wonder Workshop, we have been able to add new way of teaching. For the kids, robots are fun.

As their parents/educators, we see it as a great way to teach the girls more about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). They may think it’s all fun and games, but the kids are actually learning programming and coding skills.

Not to mention, a variety of other talents through play:

Problem Solving

Working through an app, kids are able to control the robots. By setting up a challenge such as lifting a block onto a box, the kids learn to create solutions.

Logic and creative thinking skills help as they maneuver Dash and Dot into position to solve the task at hand.

Logical Thinking

As a very logical thinker myself, the ability to accent logical thinking is a must. Through the basic coding skills used to move the Wonder Workshop robots, cause and effect takes center stage.

Each choice they make directly plays out through the action of the robots. Therefore, each choice must be made diligently and accurately.

A command, order of events, and reaction must each be considered. Deductive reasoning helps further develop those logical thinking skills.

Core Subjects

In addition to engineering skills, Wonder Workshop provides a fun way to further develop the core subjects. Using manipulatives, the robots can aid in seeing math in action.

As they problem solve with Dash, the scientific method can be taught and understood. Write a creative story about a robot adventure to sharpen language skills.

Then, put Dash and Dot on a map to “travel” to through the written journey and enhance geography skills.

Not to mention, with Dash and the xylophone accessory, kids can get creative and play their own music! A robot band is exactly what every kid needs, right?! I know the budding musician in our house loves that feature.

Wonder Workshop Dash robot

However you choose to incorporate Dash and Dot into your learning process, have fun with it. The learning comes through play and there is nothing wrong with having fun with learning.