filled with big family smiles
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I’ve often heard that it takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit. When you think about it, sure, it makes total sense. Therefore, why not go ahead and go for 30 days to help make it stick?!

Daily Acts of Optimism

Daily Acts of Optimism

For example, let’s look at the 30-Day Optimism Challenge with Frost Bank I’ve recently been going through. Admittedly, it came at a pretty rough time for me. The one year anniversary of my mom’s passing was a date I was dreading.

reflect on what went well

But, by doing the daily acts of optimism, coupled with changing my perspective, I was able to push through the day with more laughs than tears. That’s a huge accomplishment for me!

Throughout the 30 days, my five favorite challenges were:

  • List 5 Things You’re Grateful For: Starting off with this one helped set the tone for the rest of the 29 days. 
  • Leave an Amazing Tip for Great Service: Perhaps it’s because my adult children have worked in the service industry, but I truly enjoy rewarding those that serve others in this capacity. 
  • Buy a Cup of Coffee for a Stranger: Knowing how much joy coffee can bring me some days, I love the idea of passing on that joy to a stranger!
  • Donate to a Fundraising Campaign that You Believe In: Each year on my birthday, I do my best to take the attention off of me. This year, I was able to donate my birthday to helping those, like my mom, fighting Lymphoma. 
  • Before You Go to Sleep Tonight, Reflect on What Went Well Today: Many times when I crawl into bed at night, I am worried or anxious about the next day. By focusing on the good, it helped me wake up with a more optimistic attitude and new perspective.

I found it was hard to stay negative when you focused on the positive. In fact, while talking to Colby and the kids in the past few weeks, I was able to get confirmation from them that I’ve made a great change. 

filled with big family smiles

They see me smile more, laugh harder, and stress less. Hearing that from them made all the difference!

How you plan to live optimistically?

Did you join the 30-Day Optimism Challenge with Frost Bank? You can find many of the daily acts by following the #OptForOptimism hashtag and jump in now. It’s never too late to change your perspective.

Optimism is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the self-fulfilling spark that turns challenges into opportunities and the impossible into the inevitable. It can get a family back on its feet and send a man to the moon. But these days, optimism is under attack, and pessimism seems intent on taking over. Yet we believe a change in perspective changes everything.

Research shows that choosing optimism can be a catalyst to better physical, emotional and even financial health. So, with 150 years of practical experience helping people succeed at our backs, we are leaning into that choice like never before in order to make people’s lives better. And while we don’t know exactly where this leads, we know that together the possibilities are endless.

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