Blogging Shirts

Dabbling in Design

I feel in love with design the summer a friend handed me a copy of Photoshop. Unfortunately, I cannot draw to save my life… so I am limited to text. And, with that limitation, I may or may not be completely addicted to fonts. Like, literally 1,000’s of fonts on my external hard drive. It’s beyond an obsession… I am totally hoarding fonts.

Anyways, I was trying to come up with a fun way for us to represent the blog when we are at events or traveling. So, I began to brainstorm different shirt ideas. I thought about it for weeks, but then became hard pressed when I received a discount code I could not pass up. Thus, I had to work quick because the code was for one day only.

Blogging Shirts

Blogging Shirts

I must say, I am a bit proud of the shirts and how they turned out all things considered. I had fully intended to wait until Christmas to give everyone their shirts… but we have a fun opp coming up next week. Therefore, I gave them them each their own blogging shirt and was delighted to hear that they actually liked them! I mean, I thought they were cool, but I am rarely accused of being the hip one in the house.

Blogging Mom shirt

Plus, since I have been designing on Zazzle for about 6 years, I had a good stash of credit to use. I have ordered from them a few times, so knew they would be great. I actually got all excited when they arrived. Once I gathered the whole crew I gave them their shirts… and they loved them! Yay! What a relief.

Blogging Wife shirt

Not to mention, after a few pictures went out on both Facebook and Instagram, I began getting messages about where to purchase the shirts. So… here you go, you can purchase them at my Zazzle store. I have set up a category just for these products (and if they’re not showing up yet please try back soon… they are awaiting approval for upload). For now there are simple un-branded designs. Our shirts have my blog url on them and I can personalize yours as well. Just shoot me a message.

Blogging shirt

I can’t wait to wear these as we make our way through our next blogging event. It should be lots of fun… at least for me.

What do you think? Would your family wear one?