Café, a new Brand made by GE Appliances

The kitchen was never my domain until we built our house. While designing it, we made sure it would become the center of our home. It was designed with more than family mealtime in mind.

Café, a new Brand made by GE Appliances

Customizable Kitchen Appliances

The large island is made for family gatherings. When we cook as a family, there’s plenty of room for everyone to get involved.

For example, with Thanksgiving coming, we have the girls stationed around the island baking pies and cookies. Colby and the guys round the other side working on sides, while Chey and I work at the stove.

Café appliances with high-performance features

The layout works just as well as we all work together. I think we did an excellent job on the layout and flow of the kitchen.

Now, after visiting with Café, a new Brand made by GE Appliances, this past week, I desperately wish we could change out all of the appliances!

Café appliances are customized to your style with high-performance features that will ignite your culinary creativity. Yours.

Imagine it this way, you could have your kitchen, YOUR way.

customizable kitchen appliances

The Matte Collection is the first line of fully customizable kitchen appliances for its new Café brand.

Offering unique brushed bronze, brushed stainless, brushed copper and brushed black hardware and luxury matte finishes, Café’s first collection is designed to fit the lifestyle of the stylish consumer who covets design choice in the home.

Therefore, as you sit down and begin the design process of your kitchen, you can truly take it a step further with your appliance choice.

brushed copper hardware on Cafe appliances

In addition to the many ways to customize the appliances to fit any style, the ability to take culinary skills to the next level with Gourmet Guided Cooking was incredible to watch!

It combines video-guided recipes from chefs with a system that automatically adjusts the time, temperature and cooking pace for perfect results.

Basically, anyone can cook a perfect meal, every time! And your kitchen will look fabulous as you do it!

GE Café matte black appliances

Which would you choose? Matte White or Black?

Personally, I’m drooling over the Matte White with brushed copper! It’s beautiful and would definitely take my kitchen, now one of my most coveted rooms, up a notch.

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