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I think we can all agree that growing up is hard. Transitioning into a tween is definitely a challenging time for most of us. For our middle daughter, Jaden, that transition is upon her and she is desperate to define herself among the others.


Define Yourself

When she noticed the pride her sisters were showing in their custom-designed clothing from The Patchery, she asked if she could design something. She wanted a skirt that she could design and that would be unique to her. A piece no one else would have.


After looking over each of the fabric collections, she decided on her favorite and began to design. Thinking about where and when she would wear her personalized skirt, she picked colors and patterns to fit her on-stage persona.


Jaden’s favorite hobby is singing and performing for others. Therefore, as she worked her way through her skirt design, she combined pieces that would look well on stage. Not to mention, would look great as a backdrop for her guitar.


Now, she is looking forward to her next performance in a couple weeks so she can show off her new skirt from The Patchery. A skirt she knows no other performer will be wearing and one that will help her stand out. Whether on the stage or at home with the family, it helps her find her sense of belonging. Don’t we wish it could always be as easy as that?!

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