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There are few things in life that bring me the same joy that comes from motherhood. Every day my children give me a reason to smile and a reason to love. For almost 20 years my children have captured the essence of life and shown it to me in a way I never fully understood before. As a #MamiSelfie correspondent for Orgullosa, I am proud to celebrate the best part of me… mi orgullo, my children.

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Cultural Diversity in Parenting

As my children grow, I focus not only on teaching them moral basics in life, but to take pride in who THEY are. Each one of our 5 children has a unique personality and charm. Every one different, yet bound together through two people: Colby and I. Two diverse individuals who fell in love and produced five amazingly wonderful children.

mi orgullo, my children

How diverse? Our cultural backgrounds are inherently different. Yet, for the most part, he has had no problem “converting” over to the way we Latinas do life. I mean, if nothing else, the comida is way better. At least for us anyways.

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All kidding aside, I appreciate the way that I am able to share mi cultura with my kids. Whether it is through the traditional foods we make together, the Tejano music we cumbia to, or the Spanglish we speak. It’s all about raising my children to understand where they came from and to be proud of that fact. But in the same term, to love others by what they see inside a person… not what’s on the outside. We can celebrate our cultural differences and still live peacefully together. In fact, their dad and I have done it for 24 years so far.

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Speaking of peace, can I share a family secret? Charmin. Not even joking. Our oldest daughter loves coming home to visit because she knows she will find Charmin Chamomile in the bathroom. And c’mon, Ya’ll, we all go to the bathroom! Just those that go with Charmin really Enjoy the Go. (See what I did there?) Honestly though, not only is Charmin Chamomile 2-ply and super soft, but the soothing aroma of chamomile on the tube brings comfort to all your senses. Not to mention, it is septic safe. If you have a septic tank like my parents do… you completely understand how this is mega important!

Orgullosa Mother's Day #MamiSelfie correspondent

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