create strategic content

Do you have amazing content… that you find no one is reading? You pour your heart out into a post, yet no one seems to come.

When you decide to create content that brings people to your website, offers them authoritative information, and teaches them to understand their problems and how you can solve them, you’re creating strategic content.

create strategic content

Strategic content takes into consideration not only the content on your site but also the content that leads your audience there.

Therefore, I’ve put together a mini-course to give you information about each of the factors that make up creating content for your website. After all, it’s about why you’re creating the content in the first place and what your objectives and goals are for each piece of content that you publish.

The Create Strategic Content mini-course covers 5 main topics:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Tell a Story
  4. Call to Action
  5. Promote Your Published Content

Are you ready to…

  • write content that people want to read with topics they’re interested in?
  • share your story with your audience?
  • get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible?
  • naturally have more people coming to you site… and sharing your content?
  • get organized so that you can focus more on writing?

Plus, in addition to the videos (all of which are under 5 minutes to make it easy to find time to watch), you will also get downloadable resources that include a content Helpful Tools guide, 15-day traffic challenge and more.

Enroll in the course today to learn how to create strategic website content that gets results.

Watch for more courses to come, including:

  • So You Want to Blog — the blogging journey from picking a niche, setting up your blog, telling a story and promoting your posts. EARLY BIRD PRICING currently available.
  • Business of Blogging — find out what it takes to make money blogging, approaching sponsors, and remaining FTC compliant.