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Are you still looking for a meaningful gift to give that someone special? Or the difficult gift for the person on your list that already has everything? Why not create a memory by giving an experience?

Create a Memory By Giving an Experience

Just think about it. A person can only have so many ties, socks, or gift baskets, right? Well, Cloud 9 Living offers something different. Something unique. Cloud 9 Living offers experience gifts.

ex·pe·ri·ence [ik-speer-ee-uhns] ~noun
1.  a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something
2.  the process or fact of personally observing, encountering, or undergoing something
3.  the observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time

Therefore, through Cloud 9 Living, and based on your location, you can choose from a collection of over 600 “Best in Class” experience providers. In fact, there are more than 1,700 experiences in 43 different regions.  These selections range from thrilling to relaxing, adventurous to cultural. And they range from small budget to luxury spending… and made to fit every taste. And it can be as simple as a day at a spa, romantic dinner cruise, or a horse drawn carriage ride. Or perhaps you like something with a bit more action. Race around a NASCAR track, jump from a plane, or take a ride in a hot air balloon. The choice is yours.

Corvette Ride

Corvette Thrill Ride

My husband’s birthday was this past Monday and I wanted to do something extra special for him. As I searched through the experiences in our area, I saw one in particular that I knew he would love: Corvette Thrill Ride. A yellow Corvette has been his dream car ever since I met him 21 years ago. Thus, I knew this would be the one for him! I wish I would have remembered to capture his excitement when I told him about it. I was too excited for him and could not wait to share the news!

Texas Motor Speedway

Basically, we BOTH were able to be race around the inside track of Texas Motor Speedway in a race-ready Z06 Corvette… yellow of course! 5 laps around at speeds reaching up to 120 mph. Luckily, there were professional race car drivers behind the wheel and we had super cool racing suits and helmets to wear. We were buckled into our five-point harness system in the car and were ready to rock-and-roll!

Corvette Ride

My husband was in the car ahead of me and one other rider in a car behind us. We waited for the green flag and then raced out on the track. The first stretch of the track is the straightaway and were you could pick up the most speed. But, as you come to the first turn, everything halts as the driver downshifts going into the turn. My entire body was pushing into the harness… and I was grateful for its added cushion. A quick turn to the right and we were headed into the twists and turns of the track. Fortunately, I do believe the drives are choreographed, because on the turns we would switch off with the car my husband was in. On one turn they would take the lead spot and we would draft closely behind. On the next turn we we would switch. Exhilarating to say the least! Just watch the in-car video we got (it’s about 7 minutes long but I think you can get an easy feel for the ride in the first two laps):

Afterwards, the difficult part was not wanting to stay below the speeds we had been traveling in the Corvette. Honestly, it was amazing. My husband’s first remark… through a huge grin… 1 more thing to mark off my bucket list. I am honored to know I could help him do that. Not only was he extremely grateful for the opportunity… but I was overcome with gratitude for just being able to share it with him. Cloud 9 Living completely rocked both our worlds on Saturday with this bucket list experience.

Cloud 9 LIving

And now… they can help do the same for you!

Cloud 9 LIving

9 Days of Christmas Contest

This holiday season Cloud 9 Living will hold its first 9 Days of Christmas contest. Entrants from across the country can win an experience package during each of the nine days leading up to Christmas… simply by entering your email address and liking Cloud 9 Living on Facebook. You can enter now through December 23rd. Winners will be announced, one a day, beginning on December 16th and ending on Christmas Eve. Look at what you can win:

  • Day 1: Flight – Learn to Fly experience
  • Day 2: Relaxation – Spa Packages
  • Day 3: Driving – Drive a Stock Car & Stock Car ride along
  • Day 4: Foodie – Food Tour for two
  • Day 5: Golf – Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro
  • Day 6: Romantic: – Dinner Cruise for two
  • Day 7: Adventure: – White Water Rafting for two
  • Day 8: Adrenaline – Tandem Skydiving
  • Day 9: Experience of a Lifetime – Fighter Pilot for a Day

So what are you waiting for? Go enter the 9 Days of Christmas Contest from Cloud 9 Living! And, while you’re there, check out the experiences in your area and think about who on your list could use one… or buy one for yourself. You deserve it!

Disclosure: We were given the aforementioned experience in return for a honest review. No other compensation was given. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

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