Beado craft activity

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If you have kids like mine, they probably love doing crafts. My girls cannot get enough most days. Their creative little minds are always swirling and asking for more. Therefore, they enjoyed an opportunity to invite a few friends over for a Crafternoon of Fun with Beados.

Beados finished craft

Crafternoon of Fun with Beados

Beados features everything that kids need to create adorable designs and characters… out of beads! In just three steps, the kids can create their own Beados world full of different characters they made themselves! The coolest part is that each Beados character is made with beads that stick together with a simple spray of water. No glue. No hot tools. Just a bit of water!

Beado beads

The girls and their friends were absolutely fascinated by this! And I have to admit, so was I! That is such a fun idea.

Beados penguin

Using the beads and templates found in their kit, the girls were able to design their own Beados character as they snacked and chatted with friends. After each guest finished their design, they sprayed it with water using the included spray bottle and laid it under the dryer.

Beado craft activity

Within minutes, the design was completely fused together and ready for play. Each girl had a fabulous take-home character and enjoyable memories with friends.

Beados dryer

Personally, I loved the fact that we did not have to use any messy glue. Clean up was fairly easy after the girls were done and left the craft area to play. Not to mention, watching our youngest daughter use the Beados tools, we were excited about the fine motor skills the craft encouraged. Plus, the girls and their friends had a great time creating new characters and chatting it up as they crafted.

Beados after craft party

Overall I think it is safe to say it was a pretty successful Crafternoon with Beados!

What is your child’s favorite Beados character?

What tips and tricks do you have for making Beados creations?

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