parental controls on iPad
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Verizon.

We have two tween girls in the house. We also work in social media, so it should not be a surprise that both of them are pretty internet savvy. In fact, they run an online business together. Therefore, they have a legit reason for being online and Colby and I do our best to monitor their accounts. But, even our best efforts can sometimes fail.

Control Your Child's Online Experience with Parental Controls

Parental Controls

When you think about it, at least based on our experience with our older two kids, the “bad stuff” often comes from friends and online acquaintances more so than our children. This is where FamilyBase by Verizon can help us keep control. FamilyBase is an add-on service for only $4.99 a month (and the first month is free) to monitor wireless activities and provide parental controls to help create a safer environment. Not to mention, we all need to find the right balance between device time and family time. FamilyBase can help.

With FamilyBase by Verizon, you can better control your child’s online experience in the following ways:

  • Set smarter boundaries — Take back family time by limiting access to calls, texts and data.
  • Childproof your internet — Set​ ​filters​ ​to​ block access to inappropriate apps and websites.
  • Monitor data​ usage & phone​ activity — Block unwanted contacts and view your child’s text and call history.
  • In-home & on-the-go — Set up parental controls whether your child is using Wi-Fi or your data.

Let’s face it, Parents, technology is more ingrained in everyday life. We can allow our children to continue to use it—and set smarter boundaries. Otherwise, our kids could have 24/7 access to content they should never see. With FamilyBase by Verizon you are able to set phone limits with just a few taps, monitor activity and even “pause the internet” when appropriate.

parental controls on-the-go

I know when our son was a teenager and one particular social platform seemed to be ruling his thoughts and all of his time, we used the parental controls on our Verizon account to block all access to the site. Not to mention, we made sure he couldn’t get online at all after a certain hour. It helped give us peace of mind and changed his perception on the whole idea.

parental controls on iPad

We discovered that by setting reasonable boundaries on screen time and limiting access to the internet, we had a better hand on what was going in our child’s world. As we continue to face an ever-evolving world of technology, we must learn to evolve with it. We face a deeper challenge with each new platform or app appears, but with FamilyBase by Verizon we can better maintain control over our child’s online experience.

What parental controls do you currently have in place?

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