Compensated Campaigns

Okay, let’s be honest. I am here to pay the bills just as much as you are here to get the word out about your product, brand, service. You get paid to promote on your end… and it would be nice if the relationship was mutually beneficial. This IS my full-time job. This is also Colby’s full-time job. So, yes, I do accept compensated campaigns (sponsored posts).

compensated campaigns

Compensated Campaigns

We can definitely discuss prices privately. Email me and I can shoot you a media kit. Or go ahead and tell me what you have to offer and we can go from there. I am pretty flexible. But I will not sell myself (too) short.

Before you ask… there are topics I will NOT touch. The usual blacklisted ones pretty much all apply. Count politics in there as well. I avoid controversy as much as I can. And do not try to get sneaky. I follow all FTC rules as an ethical blogger and all sponsored links will be no-follow. No “passing the juice” here.

Please feel free to check out our media kit (based on both Days of a Domestic Dad and I working together… please contact for individual rates).

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