coffee sampling party with Marley Coffee

Host a Coffee Sampling Party with Marley Coffee

Coffee is a necessity for me. Judging by what I see online, it is for many of my friends as well. Knowing this, I was thrilled to host a coffee sampling party with Marley Coffee. First, their coffee has an incredible flavor. Second, I wanted to learn more about their EcoCup capsule coming in 2015.

Marley Coffee sampling party

Marley Coffee

Let me reverse that real quick to tell you about the EcoCup capsule. The EcoCup will serve as a green alternative to the current compatible K-cup products. Coming in Summer 2015, Marley Coffee will be one of the first brands to market with an easy to use recyclable single serve solution. The noticeable difference with the EcoCup? Whereas other recyclable cups on the market you have to cut off the lid in order to recycle, the EcoCup’s easy to peel tab comes off easy for recycling. With over 10 billion capsules consumed in the U.S. each year alone, Marley Coffee is working to reduce that carbon footprint.

Marley Coffee sustainable EcoCup

Last week, I invited a few friends over to sample Marley Coffee and learn more about the EcoCup. Not only was it a flavorful, incredible-smelling party, but it was fun and engaging. With 4 amazing REALCUP™ Single Serve Cups to choose from, we each grabbed a cup, sat down to chat, and went back for another tasty cup. The 4 Marley Coffee RealCup flavors we sampled included:

  • Get Up, Stand Up – This mild, yet sweetly balanced blend is bright, floral and smooth with a hint of lemon grass on the finish.
  • Lively Up! – Enjoy hints of buttery caramel and sweet cocoa, along with a rich smooth finish in this medium dark Espresso.
  • One Love – 100% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe straight from the birthplace of coffee, exotic floral and berry notes tantalize your palate.
  • Buffalo Soldier – Roasted sweet, this earthy blend of 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ beans is sultry, smoky and deliciously smooth. Its dark chocolate and berry undertones leave a deep, rich, lingering finish that will help you get through those “fighting for survival” days.

Although the coffee did not really need any flavorings, we did have a full coffee station set up for serving during the party.

chalkboard labels for coffee party

I think only the creamer was touched during the party… but at least it looked nice sitting on the table, right?!

coffee creamer chalk labels

Considering our guests went back for another cup… or two… during the course of the 2 hours they were here, I think it is safe to say they enjoyed the Marley Coffee samples. Each one a unique blend of perfectly roasted coffee due to the special brewing process behind the brand. The single serve capsules utilize RealCup technology, a superior filter to licensed Keurig brands that provides french press brewing quality.

host a coffee sampling party

They offer k-cup comparable single serve capsules in 11 roast varieties. That is a lot of deliciousness coming from the finest quality 100% Arabica coffee that is sustain-ably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted.

sustainably grown Marley Coffee

Not to mention, Rohan Marley (the son of the beloved musician, Bob Marley, and found of Marley Coffee) is the official ambassador of WaterWise Coffee Project, an initiative funded by Mother Parkers and Marley Coffee, to bring clean water to the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Every cup of  their coffee gives back because .01¢ of every RealCup sold goes directly to WaterWise to fund the project.

Marley Coffee gives back

Additionally, they also contribute to, the Marley Family charity that empowers people to take action for sustainable and responsible living. So when you have a cup of Marley Coffee you are doing much more than enjoying a great cup of java.

The Egg and I brunch served
Brunch was hosted by The Egg and I (Frisco)

Invite your friends over for your own coffee sampling party! I will even share the printable chalkboard tags I created for the party. Edit in a program such as PicMonkey and print. Use a hole punch on the corner and tie the label on with craft string or baker’s twine. Done. They look cute and don’t leave your guests guessing on flavors.

Printable Coffee Bar chalk labels

Oh! Most important, don’t forget the Marley Coffee! You can find it at stores such as Albertsons, Bed Bath & Beyond, HEB, Kroger, Market Street, Office Depot and Tom Thumb… as well as others that may be regional to you. Plus, and are two online retailers that carry the brand.

coffee sampling party with Marley Coffee

Get your invite list together and grab Marley Coffee to enjoy with your guests.

Will you be making the switch to the Marley Coffee EcoCup to reduce your carbon footprint?

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