Put A Smile On Your Friend’s Coffee-Loving Face With These Gift Ideas

If you have a friend who is obsessed with coffee, you already know how much their day-to-day life revolves around having a coffee at the right times.

A coffee-loving friend is always down for a good conversation over lattes or a walk in the park with a dark roast in hand. They’re also incredibly easy to shop for.

The following will explore a few things you might want to buy for your coffee-obsessed friend the next time you’re in the market for a gift for them.

Put A Smile On Your Friend's Coffee-Loving Face With These Gift Ideas

All The Mugs

Coffee-lovers need vessels to drink their coffee out of, and this area of gift-giving really leaves room for your friendship to shine.

You can seek out the seasonal mugs provided by their favorite coffee house, scour the web for something unique and artisanal, or notch up the nostalgia by finding a mug that reflects one of your friend’s childhood loves.

A mug depicting the Spice Girls mug or Card Captors can really warm your friend’s heart because it shows you know what they loved as a child.

If you can’t find a mug with your friend’s childhood obsession on it, it’s really easy to order mugs that are printed with images of your choice.

A Subscription

Nowadays, there is a subscription for everything; coffee is no exception. Some subscriptions allow your friend to try different kinds of coffee each month. Some provide an insane amount of coffee beans at a wholesale rate.

If you’re lucky, you might even find something like the Lifeboost Coffee discount code, so a year’s supply of coffee goodies isn’t too much of an upfront cost.

Make sure when you’re signing up that you have the correct full address of your friend. You’d hate to have the coffee going to the wrong address!

A French Press

If your friend loves coffee and doesn’t have a French press, they’re in for a real treat.

A French press allows anyone to create a stellar coffee of whatever strength they desire but runs no risk of burning the coffee as it sits in the press waiting to be served.

As a bonus, many French presses are plastic-free. One of the sad truths about coffee makers today is how much plastic they contain.

Heating plastic causes small particles to leech into the water, which then is ingested. This contributes to the global microplastic problem and harms human health.

On top of all this, French presses are really pretty and look great in any kitchen.

Coffee Flavoring Elements

Did you know that in some countries, cardamom is a staple in coffee? What about the use of clove within coffee?

A friend that loves experimenting with different coffee roasts and flavors who is always talking about the fruity notes in one coffee versus the toffee notes in another could be well served by a collection of coffee flavoring elements.

Spices, some herbs, honey varieties, and things of this nature can make an excellent addition to a coffee lover’s coffee station. There are also flavored syrups that can add seasonal vibes to any coffee drink.

Popular choices include peppermint, toffee, and pumpkin spice.

A Little Pep For Their Coffee

Depending on the gift occasion, alcohol might make a nice offering.

If your friend is celebrating an occasion like a graduation or finally buying a house after fifteen rejected offers in a packed market, why not give something that can take their coffee into the celebratory space.

Kahlua and Bailey’s are two of the most popular lacquers to include with caffeinated drinks, but there are countless options once you start looking.

Coffee Merchandise

Of course, serious coffee lovers adore coffee references, and this means that notebooks, t-shirts, or other merchandise that contain the logo of their favorite coffee house or company or depict friendly jokes about coffee love can be perfect.

Look for pencil cases, jewelry with teeny coffee cups with faces, or kitchen mats that reference coffee. Many coffee houses have the cutest, well-designed merchandise if you start looking for it.

Christmas ornaments, magnets, tote bags—you name it, there’s probably a coffee-themed version of it somewhere.

No matter what you get, make sure it’s something that reflects your friend’s love for coffee.

Lots of people tend to visit this coffee bar to find some entertaining stuff that is related to coffee.

So, if you want to surprise your friend or family member with something that they’ll love and remember, find the perfect gift for them at this coffee shop.

From mugs and t-shirts to jewelry and even coffee beans, you can find it all! With a wide selection of items available, you are sure to find the perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Gift Cards

If you know which coffee house your friend prefers, it’s pretty easy to seek out a gift card from that establishment. Every time your friend has a coffee with you, they’ll think about you.

The above list should have given you a few ideas for gifts you can buy for your coffee-loving friend.

Of course, in addition to everything already talked about, you can always buy them coffee. You can seek out the specific beans that they like or find something new and interesting for them to try.