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Make Christmas One to Remember With James Avery

In our family, Christmas has always been an incredible, magical time of year.

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My childhood was one of very meager means, yet every Christmas, my mom made sure there were presents under the tree.

Not just a few, but mounds of gifts pouring out from under and around the tree.

Christmas was my mom’s favorite holiday and she sacrificed a lot to make sure each one was better than the last.

a charmed Christmas story

Make Christmas One to Remember

This year is not going to be better than last year. My mom passed away in August. It’s been just over 4 months and the pain is still just as intense as it was the day we lost her.

In all honesty, I believe the holidays have brought back every raw emotion we had in those initial weeks.

Knowing how much my mom loved Christmas, how much joy it brought her to give to others, and watching her get emotional over the gifts we gave her; all of that will be missing this year.

James Avery artisan jewelry

Over the past few months, we’ve found some solace in little things that remind us that mom is still with us. That her spirit lives on through each of us.

From the feather I found while snorkeling in Mexico to her favorite chair rocking when my brother came home late one night.

The simple reminders of her that others may take for granted, but we find them of great importance.

But, we don’t always see the signs around us, even when we look the hardest.

Therefore, through a partnership with James Avery artisan jewelry, I am able to keep the Angel of Peace Charm close by to comfort me.

The angel was beautifully sculpted to embody the spirit of peace, faith, and love. The peace that comforts me when I am sad.

The faith that gives me hope that I will see my mom again one day. The love that my mom shared with those who knew her.

Angel of Peace Charm

Christmas isn’t going to be easy. The empty chair around our table will bring tears and sadness.

But, again, there is peace to be had. A small reminder in the little things; such as the Angel of Peace charm. After all,

James Avery is more than jewelry.

❝It is a symbol of faithfulness and the comfort of strong held beliefs. It’s a means to hold them close when they are far away. It’s saying I love you every day. James Avery is more than a store. It’s your story.❞

What’s your story?

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