Christian Brothers Automotive

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“We’re not in the car repair business; we’re in the business of relationships.” This was not only repeated to us during a recent visit to Christian Brothers Automotive, but it was shown to us continuously during our time there. From the moment we walked into the immaculate and well-decorated waiting area, we were made to feel at home.

Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive

I’ve always heard there was something different about Christian Brothers but this was the first time for me to experience. One thing I loved about our local service center was that it was woman-owned. In fact, Jonita, the owner is opening another location (actually closer to our home) and she will be the first woman franchisee to have 2 stores. Jonita is 1 of 8 women who own and operate a Christian Brothers Automotive service center. With three of our 4 daughters in tow during the visit, this was an encouraging story for my girls to hear considering she is thriving in a predominately male-driven industry.

Christian Brothers Automotive Shuttle Service

But, more so than that, the owner herself spent over 30 minutes having a conversation with us—real talk, Y’all. Sure, it started out as a conversation about cars and Christian Brothers, but, by the end, I was quite literally in tears. Through engaging in a natural conversation with Jonita, memories of my mom came naturally flooding in and I began to cry. She did not hesitate to walk over and give me a big hug, along with an offer to pray for me. This is when I truly understood what she meant when she told us she was in the “relationship business.” When my son stepped into his car, he discovered what she meant thanks to the surprise waiting in his seat ⇓

Christian Brothers Automotive Difference

Nevertheless, we also gathered a great bit of information about our son’s car that we brought in for a Courtesy Inspection. Considering his “check engine” light was on and his inspection expires this month, we figured we needed to get it checked out pretty quickly. As we sat in their plush (WiFi-enabled) waiting room, the technicians in the bay worked diligently to make a through visual check of his car. Plus, once they finished, and as we sat in the waiting room, I received a full report of what they saw and found via email. We were instantly able to pull it up with the staff there to walk us through what we were seeing. They told us which items needed immediate attention and which we could wait on. When it was all said and done, the estimated repairs were almost $5,000 UNDER the last one we received from another service center.

Christian Brothers Courtesy Inspection

Many engine and major system failures are the results of poor preventative maintenance. Simple checks can alert you to acute problems before they become costly repair jobs. Their experienced, ASE-certified technicians will never recommend work or parts that are unnecessary. Christian Brothers Automotive offers a full-service station for your car’s repair and maintenance needs. In addition to the Courtesy Inspection, they also offer the following services:

  • Nice Difference Warranty — Most auto repair warranties expire at the earlier of the two limits, miles or months. The warranty Christian Brothers Automotive offers is the opposite. Your warranty will expire after two years or 24,000 miles—whichever benefits you the most. That means if it takes you three years to put 24,000 miles on your car, your warranty will still be valid for that third year. But if you put 40,000 miles on your car in two years, your warranty will still be valid until the end of the second year. Plus, the 2-year/24,000-mile warranty is valid at every Christian Brothers location nationwide.
  • Free Shuttle Services — Whether you need to get to work, school, or need to attend to other responsibilities, their free shuttle can take you where you need to go. If your car requires repairs that will take longer than a day, they are happy to transport you to your destination. In fact, they will even pick you up when your car is ready! While they try to keep our offices as comfortable as possible, with complimentary beverages and free Wi-Fi, we understand you have errands to run and meetings to attend. If the location is within the designated distance, Christian Brothers Automotive will be glad to provide alternate transportation.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections — Christian Brothers understands the need to be fiscally wise in today’s economy and the best solution is often buying a used vehicle. One of the downsides to buying a used car, however, is not knowing its history in detail. Pre-purchase reports from dealerships are helpful, as they list the service history of the vehicle and can tell you whether proper preventative maintenance has been taken. But the information those reports omit is also important. A report cannot always tell you if the car is safe to drive now. Are all the parts and critical driving systems in good condition? How much life is left on the belts, hoses, engine mounts, and other key engine parts? Let an expertly trained, experienced, ASE-certified technician at Christian Brothers Automotive conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle you are considering.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, they want you to be safe in any vehicle you drive.

Many engine and major system failures are the results of poor preventative maintenance. Simple checks can alert you to acute problems before they become costly repair jobs and their experienced, ASE-certified technicians will never recommend work or parts that are unnecessary.

When is the last time you had your vehicle serviced?

Christian Brothers Automotive is one of the nation’s leading automotive service and repair franchise systems, with more than 160 locations in 24 states. The store’s main principle when it initially opened in 1982 was to run an automotive repair facility based on honesty, integrity, reliability and exceptional customer service, which is still the core philosophy of Christian Brothers Automotive today. The company also continues to maintain a 100 percent success rate with its store operations, never having closed a location.

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