Christmas basket filled with mixes, cinnaom sticks, oranges, and nuts

How to Choose The Best Christmas Hampers to Make The Festival Worth Cherishing

Good things come in the form of Christmas hampers, and this year we are all set to share our epic Christmas hamper list that will sweep the recipients off their feet.

Say goodbye to pre-packaged lazy gift baskets with half-hearted contents. Instead, let’s make this year an opportunity to show your loved ones that you’ve been paying attention to their likings.

How about customizing hampers to please your friends and family? Did we hear a big YES? 

This article has compiled Christmas hamper ideas to make the festival worth cherishing. Time to turn up your gift-giving game!

Christmas basket filled with pastries

Christmas Hamper Guide 2022

Giving Christmas hampers with practical contents always works, especially for picky recipients who are hard to please.

However, you should also consider that some pre-packaged Christmas hampers may seem like an ideal choice in terms of what they contain, but if you calculate the price you’re paying for them, it may discourage you from purchasing them. 

For this reason, we want to lay out the essential elements for you to consider when choosing Christmas hampers for your loved ones.              

  1. Theme: The occasion, in this case, is Christmas, and this makes the process of tying all the elements together slightly easier.

    Additionally, you have to factor in the recipient’s personality, likes, and dislikes too.  A theme will help tie all the elements of your hamper together. 
  1. Recipient: Use your relationship with the recipient as a guide for choosing the contents and type of hamper you want to present this year.

    Is it for your significant other, a friend, a relative, or a co-worker? What are their personalities like?

    If you prioritize their choices while picking the items you want to include in your Christmas hamper, it will naturally add more value to them. Another quick tip to consider is their dietary requirements or any kind of food allergies.
  1. Budget: After you have taken care of the first two elements, set a budget. If you have multiple recipients to give Christmas hampers to, make sure you split it across.

    You can also come up with homemade or DIY ways for some of the content that can help you to save money and stay within your budget.
  1. Hamper Size: Once you have crafted your list of ideas you want to include in the hamper, think of a presentation. The first thing you need to sort out is getting baskets and, more importantly, the right-sized basket.

    From experience, buying the individual items first will help you determine the basket size required. Don’t forget to add Christmas decorations, cards, and bows to make it look pretty. 

Now that the major factors are out of the way, let’s jump onto our epic list of Christmas hamper ideas. Let’s begin with traditional ones. 

  1. Traditional Christmas Hamper

An all-time bountiful and classic way that never fails to please the recipient is traditional Christmas hampers .

It typically contains festive specialties such as Christmas cookies, Christmas pudding, minced pies, shortbreads (of course), and deli meats and cheese spreads.

A traditional hamper is a safe choice for recipients who prefer to stick to Christmas-time classics. Avoid items that are less than stellar, such as supermarket goodies.

A good quality champagne bottle paired with traditional Christmas treats will complete your Christmas hamper perfectly.

  1. Christmas Breakfast Hamper

Celebrate Christmas the traditional way with a hearty and delicious breakfast hamper for your friends and family.

Fill it up with their favorite breakfast items such as gourmet sandwiches, pastries, coffee, fresh fruits, granola mixes, organic yogurt, and even breakfast bubbles. 

The best thing about giving a breakfast hamper to someone is that you can tag it as “homemade,” adding more value to it. Make the recipient feel special by preparing the sandwich and baking pastries and minced pies of their choice.

Add in any other special items they would love to eat for breakfast. Remember to pay attention to their dietary requirements; for example, if the recipient is lactose intolerant, make sure you only include dairy-free items.

  1. Kids’ Christmas Hamper

We cannot skip the little ones in this gift-giving season, can we? Safe to say that they look forward to Christmas time more than adults, which they rightfully should.

For the children in your family, you can prepare a kid-friendly hamper with chocolates, candies, treats, and toys that they’ll love. Most kids have a sweet tooth, so this should be breezy for you.

You could include a DIY gingerbread cookie set for an activity-based gift. You’ll surely earn some brownie points.

Again, it’s essential to know about their dietary requirements. Find out if they have any food allergies, like dairy, nuts, or gluten. 

  1. Spoil Me Christmas Hamper

A spoil-me hamper sounds like a fun way to impress your friends and family members. It can include luxury items such as high-end liquor bottles, designer chocolates, jewelry, flowers, caviar assorted tea collection, and much more.

Remember that you don’t need to have a big budget for this. You can still spoil the recipient with coffee subscriptions, ceramic mugs like this, tea hampers, hand creams, etc. 

A simple tea collection wrapped in a hamper with flowers and bows is enough to show your gratitude towards someone. You can add a cake stand and tea plates to add more value to the hamper.

These are ideas that can be customized to suit your Christmas hamper budget. 

  1. Alcohol-Free Christmas Hamper

For people who don’t consume alcohol, you can consider giving them a Christmas hamper with alcohol-free contents. Don’t let them feel left out; just add mocktails, juices, and other beverages that they enjoy drinking. Couple it with sweet treats, cheese boards, deli meats, and sausages.

Decorate it with a Christmas-themed wrap, and finish with a bow. And done, that’s a perfect Christmas hamper for work friends, elderly parents, and other recipients who do not drink alcohol.

  1. Christmas Party Hamper

A party hamper calls for a festive Christmas party with friends and family. Attending a Christmas party and not sure what to take for the hosts?

A Christmas party hamper with champagne, beer cases, party beef jerky snacks, party supplies, board games, etc.

You can also throw in party hats for everyone to get in the spirit of Christmas. Another excellent idea to fill up a Christmas party hamper is to include mixers and shakers for cocktails. The host will surely love you for this thoughtful gift item. 

Think of other items your giftee could use at the party, like nibbles and popcorn. How about a Christmas cake for the party?

  1. Healthy Christmas Hamper

Some people choose to stick to a healthy diet, even during Christmas. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel special. Hence a healthy Christmas hamper for health-conscious recipients.

A healthy hamper filled with nuts, detox drinks, fruits, seeds, and low-calorie, sugar-free treats are an excellent choice. 

  1. Christmas Pamper Hamper

A pamper hamper always wins hearts. For your friends who are into self-care, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to surprise them with items of their choice.

A pamper hamper can include skincare items, linens, towels, candles, wine bottles, a good book, chocolates, flowers, massagers, essential oil, face masks, and many more. 

Try to find out what skincare brand your giftee is into, and choose the products from the same brand. You don’t want to include products in the hamper that will remain there forever.

People like to stick to their favorite skincare brands, so if the recipient is close to you, make sure you pay attention to the details. 


Christmas hampers don’t have to stay limited to food, drinks, flowers, and candles. You are free to think beyond and outside the traditional hamper as well. You can include practical gifts to give to your friends and family.

For example, a winter scarf or a handbag for your mom or significant other is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture. Or giving your best friend portable speakers for their morning bike rides shows how much you care for them.

The point is to prepare for Christmas early so you can take your time and think of meaningful items rather than giving gifts mindlessly. We hope this article gives you ideas to give gifts to your friends and family.