inspire fashion dream The Patchery

Inspire Your Child’s Fashion Dreams with The Patchery

Does your child have a creative dream that you help inspire them to pursue? Our 10 year old, Jaci, has big dreams of being a fashion designer. Her entire bedroom is filled with pieces of Paris, the city where she hopes to one day live and work. We buy her sketch books, software and other learning materials to further encourage her fashion aspirations. When I introduced her to The Patchery, it was like a dream come true for her!

inspire fashion dream The Patchery

The Patchery

The Patchery is an incredible design-your-own platform for children’s clothing. Customers begin a custom project by picking a style (shorts, dress, top, dress or more) then mixing and matching fabrics for the sleeves, front, back, pockets, etc. There are literally millions of possible combinations so that you can create an outfit completely unique to you. Once you design your piece, it is crafted by professional sewers in Minnesota; then delivered straight to you.

For Jaci, it was a fun opportunity to get an idea of how it felt to create an individual piece of clothing suited to fit her style. Looking through each of the fabrics, we actually picked four or five different palettes before she finally decided on one. Each selection was carefully planned and thought out as she went back-and-forth over every piece. Everything from the collar to the pockets to the leg bands of her custom romper had to be decided on. To her, it was the chance to show off a bit of her own fashion flair.

aspiring fashion designer

Once the design process was finished… we waited. The day the package arrived, Jaci was beyond excited to see her finished look. It turned out to be more than what she expected. She says the fabric is fabulously soft and the size is perfect on her long and thin frame. In fact, she has already begun to think about her next custom piece from The Patchery. It has definitely helped to further feed her dream of being a fashion designer and — since I showed her the site — I won plenty of mom points!

make dreams come true - The Patchery

Find out more about how to design your own children’s clothes with The Patchery and get 15% off your total order when you use the promo code: Shoestring15