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Do you ever look back on your childhood and, now that you’re a parent yourself, realize what your parents sacrificed for you? Being a mother opened my eyes to the things that most likely went on behind the scenes of my own family as well. Today, I am grateful for those situations and circumstances.

mom and daughters on road trip in Philly

Childhood Memories

Parenting is definitely a labor of love. There are things we do to make sure our children have the best we can give. Of course, kids don’t always understand or see that.

At least I know I didn’t while growing up. But now, I know because Colby and I do the same for our family.

Lincoln Monument - road trip

One of my greatest childhood memories involved the yearly road trips we took each summer. We would pile into a car and drive through ten states in ten days.

We went to the Grand Canyon, Mexico, even to the Atlantic Ocean. We often bought new clothes before leaving and always brought back souvenirs.

The financial sacrifices my parents made had to be great on their paycheck-to-paycheck budget.

family travel

I recall those memories often and want my children to have similar experiences. We plan at least one trip a year that includes all eight of us together.

We want to create adventures they will remember as they grow older.

To give them a love for exploration, just as my parents instilled in me.

Visit Philly - road trip

I am especially thankful for the way my parents, without realizing it, instilled in me a love of discovery. A love of learning through travel.

As well as an appreciation for the necessary sacrifices that we, as parents, often make in order to give our children more.

As kids, we do not see it; but as parents, we live it. I can only hope I pass the same wonderment to my children as they mature into parents one day, too. Mostly though, I want to make sure my parents realize how thankful I am for a job well done.

Tell me about a parent you know who’s #DoinGood.

I would love to hear your stories!