aerial view of Cape Town South Africa Table Mountain

Going to South Africa for a vacation is an excellent idea.

Filled with friendly people and exciting places, you’ll never go wrong visiting this country. Going there, however, is one thing but planning your entire vacation is another, which can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have kids. 

Therefore, one of the things that you must include in your planning is the activities you can do to make the most out of your African family escapade.

So, to help you plan, we have compiled five kid-friendly activity suggestions that your entire family will love. 

watching zebras from South Africa Safari vehicle

Child-Friendly Activities in South Africa

Go On A Safari Adventure

The safari adventure is number one on the list of South African vacations. A safari is referred to nowadays as an excursion. Going on safari is, in the wider context, just traveling. A safari is, more particularly, a journey that entails entering the outdoors to view wild creatures.

The excitement of seeing the big five and other wild animals up close and personal cannot be overstated. Imagine seeing the king of the jungle, the lions, a herd of elephants, the hippos, leopard, and crocodiles in their natural habitat to understand their behavior and wild nature better.

It’s also exhilarating for the kids to see these wild animals in real life rather than watching them on the internet or T.V.

When you arrive in South Africa, you can visit Kruger National Park. It is a sizable wilderness area with access roads, so you can just drive yourself through your safari adventure. 

Visit Babylonstoren Farm

A historic Dutch property from 1692, Babylonstoren boasts one of the best-preserved farmyards. Kids will love exploring the nearly 8 acres of gardens while learning about various topics, including fruits, vegetables, berries, bees for pollination, native plants, fragrance regulations, and much more. 

Guests of all generations will love seeing the hopping chickens pop up and down in pursuit of food in the gardens, reminiscent of “The Secret Garden.”

If the kids get tired of wandering, they may use the provided bikes. It is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors while admiring the historical conservation of the property and its progression into the current era.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning an African getaway and book a flight as soon as possible. And don’t forget to check out cheap airline tickets to find the best deals on flights to South Africa and stay on your vacation budget. 

Go Swimming With Penguins

You read it right. Penguins can’t only be seen in the Antarctic but also in South Africa. So your kids will surely enjoy swimming on the beach with these adorable creatures.

If you want to experience the South African penguins, you should visit Boulders Beach, as it’s one of the many places you can experience paddle boarding with them. 

The beach is also not too crowded, which is best for kids, or those looking for a place that’s quiet and peaceful. Do be aware of the cold water and heed local regulations regarding swimming. 

Climb Table Mountain 

A must-do when traveling to Cape Town with children is to climb Table Mountain. Why? Aside from being the top tourist destination  in Cape Town, it is a truly remarkable experience.

Once you get to the top, you’re greeted by a wide variety of flora and fauna, including native plants and wildlife unique to this area. You’ll also get to meet a dassie. Do you know what a dassie is? 

Dassies are tiny herbivores that look like a wallaby that, believe it or not, is the only close relative of the elephant that can be found in the Middle East and Africa, particularly in Cape Town. 

There’s also a restaurant and snack area at the summit, allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee and the scenery as the kids play in safe areas around the place. Both young and old will enjoy the revolving cable car ride up as well as the breathtaking view of the Peninsula. 

If the weather is good, don’t hesitate to head up there because Cape Town is known for its unpredictable weather. However, a word of caution: arrive as early as possible or in the late afternoon as crowding is common.

For a better experience, it’s a good idea to make a reservation beforehand.

Discover the Kid-friendly Vineyard 

Who would have thought that a vineyard could be kid-friendly? Vineyard owners in Cape Town have thought of a genius way to consider family tourists with kids.

These wine estate owners offer adults to wander along the vineyard and taste or buy wines to their heart’s content while you set up a picnic where your kids can play around and eat delicious snacks.

Parents who want to make the most out of their vineyard visit and wine tasting should keep the children occupied and happy if they want to stay for more than five minutes. Then, you and your kids can wander together through the vineyard and even take memorable photos with the entire family.

In Conclusion 

You can do many fun, kid-friendly activities when visiting South Africa with your family. Start with our suggestions and add more activities to your itinerary.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy South Africa on your next visit, and give yourself and your entire family a memorable experience.