Although I have been a mom for almost 16 years now, as SuperDad and I were watching a movie with the girls last night we had a defining parenting moment. As Monkey sat beside me eating her tortilla she looked at me, pulled the chewed tortilla from her mouth and put in my hand. I then turned to SuperDad, who was sitting near a table, and gave him the chewed mess that he promptly took from me and put on a plate. I looked at him and smiled and he looked back at me and asked, “What?” I laughed a gentle laugh and said, “Nothing. It just amuses me to see what our life has become.” He looked at the gooey mess I had just handed him and smiled back in agreement. So, yes, even after almost 16 years we still have those “I have arrived” parenting moments.

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How about you? Are there defining moments if your daily life that just make you want to declare, “Yes! I have arrived!” Whether it be in parenting, work, or your personal life. Whatever it may be, we all can gain satisfaction from knowing that we made it. We accomplished another milestone or completed one more task. I have gotten to the point where I have made a difference in some form or another. These are the moments I live for! I love feeling as though I matter somehow.

Nevertheless, I simply had to share the moment. It gave me a tingly feeling and brought me to the realization that “this is my life and I am happy with that!” We have no regrets and continue to press forward as we walk through our days one step at a time. SuperDad and I enjoy shaping our children into adult’s of tomorrow. Now, I sure hope we are doing it are right! 🙂 What was your most recent defining moment?

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

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